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What we do

SoftDEL enables OEMs engineer smart, connected products that power the Industrial Internet of Things.

Partnering OEM's

Over a decade ago, we foresaw an opportunity to deliver value to global automation OEMs by offering engineering solutions by blending technical expertise, domain understanding and process capabilities. Since then, we have constantly delighted our customers by delivering smart solutions across product innovation, product engineering, prototype manufacturing, quality and compliance testing, and more. We partner with our customers to easily and quickly embrace cutting-edge innovations such as:

•  The Internet of Things (IoT)
•  Machine-To-Machine Interfaces (M2M)
•  Smart products that communicate and collaborate over wireless networks and protocols
•  Smart grid, smart energy, smart lighting innovations built into products
•  Other emerging era technology innovations that are making products smarter

With our presence close to our customers in North America, Europe and Japan, we are a proven innovative and agile partner who can deliver high-quality, timely and affordable products and services.

Core Values

Our ethos is driven by a set of core values embedded into our culture:

We pride ourselves in making decisions swiftly to take advantage of market opportunities or attack barriers to progress.

We strive to constantly push the limits of our imagination to create ground-breaking technology-led business solutions.

We adhere to our word and ensure that our actions follow through.

Becoming good or great at something is the starting point. We are constantly raising the bar.

Our Story

SoftDEL was born in 1999 at Digital Electronics Limited (DEL), a UniDEL Group Company. SoftDEL was created to assist UniDEL’s industrial automation joint venture partners Eurotherm/Invensys, SSD/Parker Hannifin, Land/Ametek and Matrikon/Honeywell with access to India’s software-based R&D prowess. UniDEL’s foray in various high technology design and manufacturing initiatives created several generations of successful product launches. SoftDEL was founded to build and grow on UniDEL’s legacy of innovation.