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In the recent times, the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) has been rapidly growing. Global industrial players have been leveraging IoT technology to achieve business transformation, economic growth and competitiveness.

Connected buildings, connected lighting, connected home, connected cars, connected industry: The list is never-ending. Research says, market for Internet of Things devices will reach nearly 20 billion connected devices by 2020.

Some of the key use cases in IoT include remote device monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, product personalization, Manufacturing and process automation. SoftDEL services are aligned to these key use cases.

The Challenge

Some of the typical challenges in IoT adoption are – 

  • Business potential identification and roadmap planning
  • Predictability of “Return on Investment (RoI)” from IoT implementations
  • Selecting a right vendor and platform – Too many options available
  • Full program management across IoT lifecycle
  • Institutionalization of Business process generated while deploying IoT
  • Managing a huge amount of data – Data Consistency, Security
  • Ubiquitous connectivity – Lack of consistent standards & Variety of wired and wireless connectivity standards
  • Provide legacy device connectivity for protocols like BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, etc.

SoftDEL IoT Offerings

Backed by strong experience and expertise around smart & connected product domains, SoftDEL has been providing a comprehensive set of service offerings across IoT deployment stages. Our focus is to help industrial OEMs, System integrators, IoT platform vendors to unlock business value from IoT by –

  • Helping in defining IoT implementation strategy and roadmap
  • Ensuring smooth migration to achieve IoT enablement (for both legacy as well as new products)
  • Utilizing power of real-time monitoring and control for smart decision making

Our IoT Services include:

  1. IoT Consultancy/Advisory Services
  2. Device Connectivity Services
  3. IoT Platform Integration Services
  4. Application Development Services

SoftDEL IoT Solutions

1. IoT Consultancy/Advisory Services 

  • Customer’s business objective definition
  • OEM’s product line and business analysis
  • IoT Use cases identification
  • Use case prioritization
  • MRD
  • IoT Roadmap and Plan
  • Identifying different revenue streams

2. Device Connectivity Services

  • Develop new product line to implement native IoT connectivity protocols support e.g. MQTT, Thread, CoAP
  • Re-engineer existing product line
  • Develop IoT Gateway for the legacy product line supporting MQTT, Thread, CoAP

3. IoT Platform Integration Services

  • Enabling device connectivity through IoT Protocol Adaptor development e.g. MQTT, CoAP
  • Application integration
  • Proprietary protocol adaptor development
  • Re-engineer existing application or platform to support cloud and IoT
  • Device simulations for platform scalability testing

4. Application Development Services

  • Develop IoT applications e.g. Management Application development – Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Product Specific Use Cases and algorithms development e.g. Predict Maintenance requirement or Predict Days to failure
  • Mobile Application Development
  • API development and support to enable third-party application integration