Aerodel Designer Utility

A desktop based predictive planning utility for addressing network planning issues
Softdel’s Wireless Network Utility

Aerodel Designer Utility is Softdel’s full-featured multi-protocol wireless network planning software that runs on any Windows® computer. It allows network engineers to plan, visualize, construct and simulate the topology as well as activity of a virtual wireless network without the time and expense of visiting the network’s physical location. Planners can use this information to create budget estimates and feasibility studies.

Aerodel Designer Utility  can construct or import the location’s entire floor plan including doors, walls and windows. Outdoor locations can also be simulated. An easy to use graphical interface allows the network engineer to drag-and-drop wireless devices such as routers, gateways and endpoints onto the floor plan to any location.

  • Quickly estimate a site’s Bill of Qualities (BoQ)
  • Generate a full bill of materials, network device list and network coverage plan
  • Comes with a device library of common network devices such as gateways, endpoints and access points
  • Simulate star and mesh network topologies
  • Can explore What-If scenarios – what if network power is increased, a device is moved to another location, a different antenna is used, etc.
  • Simulation of many wireless protocols including WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and WirelessHART
  • Configure network device parameters for each device such as transmitter power gain and receiver sensitivity
  • Custom network devices available on request

Aerodel Designer Utility has been used to plan and simulate many complex industrial networks for smart grid companies, RF module manufacturers, lighting companies and manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Softdel’s Aerodel Designer Utility is a powerful tool that can simulate an entire network of virtual devices, from as small as one room to as large as an entire building, including the parking lot.

Our engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you in planning and simulating your wireless network according to your unique requirements.

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