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    Network planning engineers need to visit a wireless deployment site multiple times. Increasing demand for wireless networks requires quick turnaround of plans and estimates. What if this could be done quickly, remotely, and effectively?


    Softdel’s Aerodel Designer provides an easy and efficient way to plan predictive wireless networks. Aerodel Designer can be used by electronic meter manufacturers, smart grid companies, RF module manufacturers, systems integrators, BMS and lighting companies, as well as wireless device OEMs.


    • RF coverage view along with the network links.

    • This allows users to generate separate bills of materials and network planning reports

    • Device GPS coordinates

    • Multiple network IDs to ease complex network planning

    • IEEE802.11 and IEC62591 -WirelessHART networks


    EASY Site Survey

    Estimate budget and feasibility without visiting the site

    SIMPLE Visualizations

    Drag-drop gateways & endpoints on the network map to simulate their signal strength

    QUICK Planning

    Simulate heterogeneous networks like 802.11 star and WirelessHART mesh

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