Aerodel Network Director

Visualize, monitor & troubleshoot your wireless networks
Softdel’s Wireless Network Monitoring Utility

Aerodel Network Director is Softdel’s 24/7 wireless network monitoring utility. It provides centralized enterprise-grade wireless network monitoring and intrusion detection for offices, building, and factories. It supports multiple wireless networking protocols including WiFi, WirelessHART and 802.15.4.

Aerodel Network Director interfaces with a computer to display the Aerodel Network Director dashboard GUI. The dashboard’s easy to use display lists each device on the network along with detailed information including the device name, date and time the device first connected, IP address, MAC address and vendor.

  • Secure HTTPS and SSH connectivity supported
  • Can securely log in to devices from any browser that supports Microsoft® Silverlight
  • Support for any network topology including star and mesh
  • A single dashboard for viewing the real-time status of the entire network
  • Location-based network monitoring
  • Local policies supported
  • Custom network devices supported – inquire for details

The network topology is displayed along with a floor plan of the area. Aerodel Network Director can display real-time status information on single devices, individual wireless links and the network as a whole. The floor plan can be divided into separate zones, with each zone configured with separate security policies and alerts.​

Aerodel Network Director maintains a constant watch on your wireless network. Changes in the network are immediately detected and an alert displayed on the dashboard. Alerts can also emailed to the appropriate people. Network alerts include:

  • Aerodel Network Director is active or inactive
  • Device password change
  • Device firmware change
  • Network security settings change
  • Network ID change
  • New device detected on the network
  • New hotspot detected
  • Unauthorized device connected to the network
  • Device operating mode changed
  • Weak network security settings

Aerodel Network Director can construct or import the location’s entire floor plan including doors, walls and windows. Network engineers can place wireless devices such as routers, gateways and endpoints to any location to accurately model the floorplan and the location of all devices on the network.

Softdel’s Aerodel Network Director is a powerful tool that can monitor, secure and maintain wireless networks of any size.

Our engineers will be happy to discuss your network security requirements and assist you in interfacing Aerodel Network Director to your wireless network according to your unique requirements.

Our technical experts and domain specialists will be happy to address your needs