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    The agriculture and farming industry relies on innovative ideas and technological innovations to help increase yields and better allocate resources. During the late 19th century, this industry has brought several mechanical innovations, like tractors and harvesters.

    Today, the major driving factors of global smart agriculture are increasing IoT based technologies, government’s support, increasing demand for food worldwide, and increase in greenhouse farming. Some of the key Internet of Things applications in agriculture include farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, and storage monitoring.

    Environment >

    Increasing government initiatives & funding around mitigating environmental issues, continuous installations of environment monitoring stations, and growth initiatives for environment-friendly industries are some of the key growth drivers for global environment market.

    Our key offerings for agriculture and environment segment include embedded device firmware development, IoT/connectivity enablement, and cloud-hosted software applications for remote monitoring.

    PrizmIO Offerings

    Engineering Service Offerings

    – Firmware development Services
    – Connectivity enablement for LoRA, Cellular
    – Gateway applications for interfacing with cloud
    – Software application development & maintenance

    IoT Specific Offerings

    – Real-time Livestock tracking System
    – Real-time monitoring & Controlling Smart Farms System

    Engineering Service Offerings

    – IoT Solution development – Connecting sensors to server applications
    – Web-Portal development, Dashboard with data analytics
    – Software for compliances with Government Regulations
    – Water and Waste Management
    – Wild life tracking app
    – Tools for widespread of Educational content among under privileged community

    IoT Specific Offerings

    – Wild life tracking app, Connecting sensors to server applications, Dashboard with data analytics
    – Animal poaching prevention through incident reporting by locals through analytics

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