70% of all vehicles sold by 2045 are expected to have autonomous capabilities. 82% of value add is through supplier contributions. Are you ready for the future?

Technology and the regulatory environment have not yet been perfected for fully Autonomous Vehicles. However, the process of cars taking over control from drivers is already in place with the proliferation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Automotive suppliers have not lagged, contributing significantly to the proliferation of user-experience-centric technology, ranging from instrument cluster and infotainment, to seat and climate control.
Softdel’s experience in device engineering, Model Based Development (MBD) and Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR), makes it the perfect innovation and development partner for safety and quality conscious Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive service providers.

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IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the force behind driverless vehicles. In fact, vehicles have already been connected for years, in ways that we take for granted such as linking to smart phones for calls and play lists, GPS with real-time traffic alerts, preventive maintenance alerts, breakdown assistance without human intervention and more. Softdel’s automotive solutions include connectivity harnessing the power of IoT to introduce automation and off-site control or increase efficiency.

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Automotive Engineering

90% of car innovations and new features are driven by electronics and software. Softdel has technology expertise in MBD, the norm for software development of in-vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU). Softdel’s product engineering and technology solutions for the automotive domain include:

  • ECUs developed using MBD, for body control, seat control and climate control modules
  • ADAS applications for air bag algorithm, lane departure warning, reverse park assist, blind spot detection, forward collision warning and reverse cross objects detection
  • Integration, porting and testing for AUTOSAR compliance
  • HMI design and development for infotainment and clusters
  • Verification and validation for code, models and ECUs

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