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    Global industry players have been re-imagining technological possibilities to make their product line better, stronger and most importantly “connected”!

    Softdel provides a solution to OEMs who want to make their existing products BACnet compliant. This can be done with the integration of Softdel’s stack into the OEMs’ solutions.

    Softdel has been providing stack integration services to leading OEMs across their building automation products. OEM needs right engineering skills & know-how about protocols, this is why OEMs engage with Softdel. We have integrated protocol stack across the variety of devices including temperature/pressure sensors, thermostats, flow meters, drives to gateway solutions, advanced workstation.

    We have successfully completed BACnet integration on a variety of platforms:

    • Cortex M3 (Home Automation Controller) with WinCE
    • TI’s MSP430 (a flow meter device)
    • PIC18 (a flow meter device)
    • Resensas SH7080 (Industrial Drive)


    • BACnet Stack integration (Softdel, Third-party, OEM proprietary) with customer platform and application
    • BACnet Stack customization and porting
    • BACnet Stack maintenance
    • Application & Product testing

    Why Softdel


    15 years of experience in BACnet, worked with 60+ OEMs, Enabled millions of devices with BACnet


    Stack integrated across many devices: building, HVAC, lighting, flow meters & so on

    Core Focus Area

    Our products & services are well aligned with latest revisions in BACnet standard.


    Flexible business models to align with customer specific requirements and processes

    Tools & Technologies

    Experience Across

    CASE STUDY // Services // BACnet Integration

    BACnet interface for Home & Multimedia Automation

    Client : leading manufacturer of advanced systems for home automation and audio/video control.

    Remote Elevator Monitoring

    World’s one of the foremost provider of elevator and escalator control system.

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