Ensuring device compliance with the BACnet standard

BACnet Device Pre-certification

BACnet is an industry standard that is constantly evolving. Manufacturers who design and build BACnet based products must ensure that their devices conform to every detail of the latest BACnet specification. Failures in the field due to device non-compliance can result in costly downtime and endless hours of troubleshooting.

Softdel will pre-certify your device for use on any BACnet network. This includes testing your device to make sure it communicates properly over a network. We also ensure that the mandatory BACnet Object properties specified under a protocol revision are properly implemented. Testing can also be customized to be based on specific requirements.

Pre-certification of your BACnet device by our expert engineers assures your customers that your products are compliant and reliable.

  • 15 years of experience in BACnet support and training
  • Over global 150 OEMs supported
  • Over 50 plus products tested and pre-certified
  • Successfully tested hundreds of devices that include compliance to the latest PR-19 standard

BACnet Profile Testing

Test Set Up

Softdel has the most comprehensive MS/TP and IP test set up  across the globe which includes an in-house BACnet device simulator, BACnet physical devices and test systems.  Our team of BACnet experts are able to quickly identify and analyze issues early which is followed by consultations with the OEMs to troubleshoot and debug the BACnet implementations and integrations.

Pre-Certification Process at Softdel

BACnet Protocol Compliance​

The BACnet device is placed in our physical test lab and is connected to our own in-house BACnet network. Our team of expert engineers ensure that the device is compliant with the appropriate BACnet standard and that it can reliably communicate with other devices. The device is then tested to ensure interoperability with a wide variety of BACnet profiles while every device object and property is exercised under busy network conditions. Our library of reusable test scenarios is constantly being improved and updated to ensure the highest quality test environment possible.

Passing Pre-certification Testing​

Devices that pass our Pre-certification testing can be safely integrated into a complaint BACnet network without any operability concerns.

  • Reduce the time required for the BTL-certification process.
  • Gain confidence on the formal BTL certification cycle while saving on costs
  • Greatly improve time to market of BACnet based products

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