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With an increasing number of devices tied to one building automation system, there arose a significant need for a highly secure communication protocol. BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) is the solution to meet this requirement. An encrypted form of BACnet communication, this protocol uses TLS encryption to ensure the integrity and safety of its communications. It introduced new secure data link layer based on the most common features that comply with IT infrastructure requirements. It has backward-compatibility with existing BACnet systems.


Softdel offerings around BACnet/SC

BACnet/IP to SC router powered by Intel®

  • Softdel is proud to introduce its new BACnet/IP to SC router that securely routes BACnet messages between a BACnet Secure Connect hub and other BACnet subnetworks
  • The router is based on Intel’s powerful Atom processors known for high-throughput, low-latency processing and is ideal for high-density edge and security solutions

EdificeEdge™ powered by Intel®

  • Softdel EdificeEdge™ IoT Gateway for Smart Buildings, built on top of Intel Edge Insights will feature BACnet/SC data link layer, in its upcoming release
  • The IoT gateway also provides the edge intelligence capabilities to pre-process and analyze data on-site


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