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  • Overview

    Softdel has operated the global BACnet Test Laboratory (BTL) for BACnet International since 2006. The lab carries out BACnet protocol compliance testing and interoperability testing.

    Since 2009 our BTL operations have been accredited with ISO17025:2005. This ensures the highest level of consistency, record-keeping and on-going improvements for the lab.

    The Softdel lab serves customers around the world. Manufacturers in United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and Australia routinely send their products to the BTL lab at Softdel for testing.



    • Identify issues with implementation and interoperability before field deployment to save time and money
    • A BTL mark and listing is a requirement to bid on many projects. The lab will help you receive BTL mark and website listing for the certified product
    • OEMs can rely on their BACnet compliant products to deliver the level of functionality and interoperability they desire

    How to apply


    The testing process is open to all manufacturers. The order in which the devices are tested is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, BACnet International members have priority in the testing order.

    To submit your device for testing, please contact BACnet International. You will be notified when to send the device to Softdel only once a scheduled timeslot is allotted by a BTL Manager.


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