Leading US based Building Management Company

Industry Segment

Smart Buildings

Technology & Domain Challenge / Requirements

Client wished to develop a cloud-based solution to facilitate remote monitoring and controlling of various smart buildings and thousands of devices in it; ranging from HVAC systems to lighting systems to security & safety systems and so on

Industry IoT Trend
Increased Deployment of smart devices to control building operations

BACnet Gateway:

  • BACnet gateway application development to facilitate interface between BACnet devices/systems with application server to monitor and control
    Application ServerDesign and configuration of application server to establish communication between clients BACnet network and cloud

Cloud Connectivity:

  • Custom protocol development (over JSON) to achieve high-level secured communication between the BACnet gateway application & cloud server

Management Dashboard / Analytics:

  • Entire UI & UX design and application development for web-based interface (PC/Tablet/Mobile), Applications (e.g. commissioning, service, user)



Business benefits:

  • Manage buildings effectively to make it more energy efficient, safe and comfortable
  • Significant reduction in efforts (cost, time) in managing various buildings
  • Unique & sustainable market differentiation

Technology benefits:

  • Quick & easy access of buildings- Mobile application, Web based application
  • Cloud based solution for centralized/seamless access
  • Scheduling for better operation, Alarms for preventive action
  • Standard UI/UX design methodology/approach for enhanced user ex