Leading provider of elevator and escalator control system

Industry Segment

Smart Buildings

Technology & Domain Challenge / Requirements

Client wanted to bring unique differentiation as “1st Elevator company to comply with BACnet” to enable seamless integration of its elevator system with building management systems

Industry IoT Trend
Increased Deployment of smart devices to control building operations

BACnet Enablement for Elevator Specific Objects

  • Enabled support for Lift, Escalator and Elevator-Group and Network-Port objects as per BACnet standard.

BACnet Gateway Development

  • Enabled discovery, monitoring and control of lifts and escalators from BACnet compliant building management systems
  • Added support for alarms, faults, and scheduling in lifts and escalators

Testing Services

  • End-to-end functionality testing
  • BACnet pre-certification testing


  • Seamless integration with Building Management System
  • Faster time to market achieved through ready-to-use components
  • Future-proof, modular and scalable design
  • Reduced time for commissioning
  • Seamless integration with client’s legacy environment
  • Greater flexibility for system configuration/customization