Leading US based designer and manufacturer of pressure sensing devices

Industry Segment

Smart Buildings

Technology & Domain Challenge / Requirements

Client wanted to develop a “next-gen” touch screen based interface solution for controlling and monitoring of its HVAC Systems.

Industry IoT Trend
Increased Deployment of smart devices to control building operations

Hardware development of Display Interface Board (DIB):

  • Chipset selection, Schematic, Layout, PCB assembly and Testing
  • Power supply module
  • Firmware development:
  • HDMI to RGB/LVDS Conversion Engine (by configuring chipset)
  • Capacitive Touch Interface (sends user input to main board over USB-HID)
  • Configuration of different display resolutions
  • Testing:
  • Testing with single board computers like Raspberry PI and display units (desktop, laptop, etc..) with HDMI output
  • Highly scalable solution to support across client’s different product lines
  • Faster time to market and high quality deliverables