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  • BACnet Pre-certification Testing for Connectivity Gateway
  • BACnet Pre-certification Testing for Connectivity Gateway

    Client : Leading Manufacturer of Wireless Field Devices


    A leading manufacturer of wireless field devices such as pneumatic thermostats, gauge readers, transducer readers and similar other products.


    • Client had designed a BACnet enabled gateway device to enable seamless communication between its wireless field devices and Building Management Systems. Client wanted to perform an early validation of gateway device before its deployment in actual environment.

    • Client was unable to fulfill this requirement due to limited knowledge of BACnet standard & hence, he looked for an engineering partner, who could provide end-to-end consultative support for BACnet pre-certification testing.

    • Client selected Softdel by considering its vast knowledge base and experience in BACnet standard and pre-certification testing.


    BACnet Pre-assessment Testing

    • Source code analysis

    • Defect analysis & reporting

    • Extensive testing on the gateway device

    • Multiple test iterations to ensure 100% defect free device

    Value Benefits

    • Faster time-to-market through early defect analysis & reporting

    • Significant savings in time & cost-of-defects