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  • Fieldbus Network Components Selection and Planning Software Tool
  • Fieldbus Network Components Selection and Planning Software Tool

    Client : Leading Manufacturer of Electronic Interface


    Leading manufacturer of electronic Interface units, automation technology, connection technology for industrial applications.


    • Client wished to design and develop a PC-based application tool to facilitate selection of most appropriate components and creation of segments for Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA installations.

    • Client selected Softdel as a development partner considering its expertise around software tool development, application development.


    • Design & Development of software application

    • Algorithms implementation to compute values related to current, voltage, load & other parameters

    • Algorithms implementation to check for design errors

    • Development reporting feature – Software tool to generate detailed report on BoM (Bill of Materials) once a segment is designed

    Value Benefits

    • Significant savings in time & cost due to quick installation

    • Increased flexibility & ease in designing complex Fieldbus networks