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  • HART 7 interface for a Flow Meter for the Process Automation
  • HART 7 interface for a Flow Meter for the Process Automation

    Client : Leading Flowmeter OEM


    Client is a leading OEM of Flowmeter


    • Client had received significant demand from its end customers to enable HART7 interface for flow meters. However, Client had no experience and internal bandwidth to integrate HART into its flow meter platform.

    The major challenges to achieve HART 7 interface were –
    • Flow meter’s platform was based on 8-bit processor without operating system
    • Integration of HART 7 module into small footprint with minimal changes in existing device platform

    • Client was looking for an engineering partner, who could completely own the HART 7 interface for a Flow Meter.
    • Client selected Softdel as a partner considering its expertise in HART protocol standard and In-house developed proven and matured HART stack.

    • To enable HART7 interface with flowmeter devices.


    Hardware platform redesign

    • Hardware platform redesign to fit into a small 1” x 1.5” space within existing device enclosure

    HART 7 Protocol Integration

    • Softdel’s in-house developed HART stack

    • Hardware daughter board

    • HART 7 protocol standard integration services

    Custom commands

    • Implementation of custom commands required on top of the base HART7 commands

    Value Benefits

    • HART7 ready flow meter platform within a 16-week time period including pre-registration testing.

    • Royalty free license to the HART7 solution useable across a particular hardware platform