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  • PoE based Smart Lighting Solution on Cisco’s Digital Ceiling Platform
  • PoE based Smart Lighting Solution on Cisco’s Digital Ceiling Platform

    Client : Leading US-based manufacturer of LED luminaries


    A leading US-based manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires


    • Client wanted to design a “next-gen” Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled lighting control system based on IoT enabled switch.

    • Client selected Softdel by considering its expertise and experience in automation domains, IoT/connectivity, embedded product design engineering, and in-house software. product development capability.

    • Softdel provided support to client for PoE enabled smart fixtures, smart wall controls units, support for EnergyWise, and development of PC software for commissioning and monitoring of systems


    Lighting End-point Firmware Development

    • Auto On/Off based on occupancy Sensing
    • Over the Network Firmware Upgrade
    • Grouping of Fixtures
    • Cisco EnergyWise Support
    • Wall Control – On-Off, Dimmer, CCT
    • Daylight calibration based on ALS

    Connectivity Enablement

    • Development of customer specific communication protocol
    • Ethernet/IP network interface
    • Usage of simulation techniques using network packet simulation and maintaining network traffic at
    pre-defined rate
    • Secured communication

    Lighting Management Application Development

    • Remote monitoring and control application
    • Power management: get information about power usage, power threshold management
    • Lighting control (On/Off, Dimming)
    • System Commissioning – auto grouping, setup/configuration
    • Daylight calibration – automatic & manual
    • Automated test framework, testing of Web UI
    • API support for third-party

    Value Benefits

    • Faster time to market – The new Lighting System become market ready within very challenging development timelines. The first prototype was developed within 3 months

    • New market segment enabled through PoE enabled lighting system

    • Quick turn around

    • Turn-key solution with multi-vendor co-ordination

    • Secure lighting system