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  • Remote Elevator Monitoring
  • Remote Elevator Monitoring

    Client : Leading Provider of Elevator and Escalator Control System


    World’s one of the foremost provider of elevator and escalator control system


    • Company has elevator and escalator Controller which communicates on a proprietary protocol with its sub systems while communicates on OPC with other 3rd party building management systems

    • BACnet working group recently defined new objects types for Elevators and Escalators in PR18

    • Client wanted to bring unique differentiation as “1st Elevator company to comply with BACnet” to enable seamless integration of its elevator system with building management systems

    • Client selected Softdel by considering its expertise and experience of working with global OEMs to implement BACnet support in across their product lines


    BACnet Enablement for Elevator Specific Objects

    • Enabled support for Lift, Escalator and Elevator-Group and Network-Port objects as per BACnet standard.

    BACnet Gateway Development

    • Enabled discovery, monitoring and control of lifts and escalators from BACnet compliant building management systems

    • Added support for alarms, faults, and scheduling in lifts and escalators

    Testing Services

    • End-to-end functionality testing

    • BACnet pre-certification testing

    Value Benefits

    • Seamless integration with Building Management System

    • Faster time to market achieved through ready-to-use components

    • Future-proof, modular and scalable design

    • Reduced time for commissioning

    • Seamless integration with client’s legacy environment

    • Greater flexibility for system configuration/customization