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  • ZigBee Interface to Smart Lighting System
  • ZigBee Interface to Smart Lighting System

    Client : Leading US-based OEM of Smart Lighting & Home Automation Systems

  • ZigBee Interface to Smart Lighting System
  • Overview

    Client is a leading US-based manufacturer of Smart Lighting & Home Automation Systems provider


    • Client wanted to implement ZigBee interface for one of its Home Automation System

    • The ZigBee interface should enable : Secure OTA firmware update for devices across its complete light network and OTA process should be initiated by Smart Device (Mobile/Tablet) using BLE

    • Client selected Softdel by considering its capabilities and vast knowledge base in both lighting domain and ZigBee protocol


    • ZigBee 3.0 interface with HA 1.2 & ZLL profiles to the Smart Lighting system using SiLabs chipset EM3587, Mighty Gicko EFR32

    • Over The Air firmware upgrade module (ZigBee, Bluetooth Low Energy)

    • BLE OTA update

    • ZigBee Coordinator update through Boot loader

    • ZigBee Node update through ZigBee OTA

    • LED driver Update through Boot loader

    • ZSC-04 joining for occupancy commissioning

    • Secured Joining for commissioning Module

    • Day lighting through Arbitrator


    Value Benefits

    • Faster time to market and high quality deliverables

    • Reliable and secure implementation

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