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    There is a growing demand for remote monitoring and virtual diagnosis for industrial and building automation. It reduces unplanned downtime, optimizes control operation and maximizes the operational life of plant equipment.

    An online, integrated PC- or web-based remote monitoring and control tool uses real-time to support the remote expert and/or plant engineer in decision-making and analysis.

    Internet-based automation has been made possible by PAC (Programmable Automation Controller), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other network elements.

    But along with the technologies, the business and technology requirements are also changing at lightning speed. The software and tools available in the market are not able to meet these requirements.


    Softdel develops scalable and extensible applications and tools that support round-the-clock monitoring and control requirements of automation systems.

    Our customized applications are time- and cost-effective. They help OEMS address their evolving business and technology requirements to achieve success.

    Our team has experience in developing industrial HMI as well as efficient, easy and engaging user experience.

    Why Softdel


    Working with many leading names in Industrial & Building automation, especially in the areas of PC/Web/Mobile based software tools, application development and testing/maintenance support.


    Software development expertise ranges across remote monitoring, configuration, data analytics, simulation, HMI software, product selection tools, etc.


    Efficient process & program management. Detailed planning and step-by-step approach to achieve high quality delivery, better predictability and time to market

    Tools & Technologies

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    CASE STUDY // Services // Desktop and Web-based Tools

    Fieldbus Network Components Selection and Planning Software Tool

    Client : Leading Manufacturer of Electronic Interface

    iOS based mobile application for Product Selection

    Client : Leading Provider of Wireless Data Communication Products

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