Digital Lighting

Luminaires with advanced functionality, LiFi and human-centric lighting systems are the

future of Digital Lighting solutions.

Do you have the technology expertise to keep up with the speed of light?


Softdel helps lighting controls manufacturers and building management companies stay ahead of the technology curve by achieving energy optimization and cost saving using specialized lighting management and control tools and applications.

Lighting systems are typically proprietary networks supporting multiple devices. Although there are many communication protocols used within the industry, there is no universally accepted standard protocol.

Softdel’s deep technical experience in the Building Management Systems industry and across multiple communication protocols has enabled the company to design solutions that integrate lighting systems and products with third party systems using Application Programming Interfaces (API) and IoT Gateways.

  • LED Controls
  • Dimming Controls
  • Light Fixtures
  • Wall Controls
  • Sensors
  • Lighting Controls Management Systems
IoT Solutions & Applications

By 2025 the Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated to grow to 75 billion connected devices. Connected buildings, lighting and homes will become the norm pushing out companies that are not able to adopt to this new reality and disruption. This poses a major challenge for manufacturers and OEMs who’s new and legacy products will need to be engineered to meet the standards of tomorrow’s IoT networks.

Find out how Softdel can help your industrial automation products and applications can become IoT enabled. 

Connectivity Protocols

The Industrial IoT wave is finally leading to the rapid convergence of information technology systems (IT) with operational technology systems (OT) driving benefits like cost, performance, productivity and agility for corporations.  This growing trend is pushing automation system manufacturers to implement support for various communication protocols within their products so that become “IoT ready”.

Find out how Softdel can help your lighting controls and automation products get connected and interoperable. 

Device Engineering

Growing market demand and advancements in IoT products and solutions is forcing OEMs to come up with multiple product lines at the right time in the market. Device engineering demands a variety of skills ranging from electronic hardware development, firmware development, connectivity protocol implementation and software development.  OEMs are often constrained with the lack of such skills in advanced technologies and may not always have adequate domain expertise especially around the new emerging standards.

Find out how Softdel can help you design and engineer your new and legacy lighting controls and automation products.

Gateway Design & Development

The evolution of IoT and cloud technologies is leading to a massive growth in connected systems. This in turn is driving the use of different types of gateways to connect on-premise networks to the cloud and field level protocols to application level protocols.  Such gateways no longer just work as protocol translators but enable critical decision making, analytics and machine learning at the edge level.

Almost every IoT solution requires a gateway in the network and for OEMs to remain competitive, they are seeking specialized partners to build application specific gateways in shortest period of time.

Find out how Softdel can help you build gateways to integrate your lighting controls and automation products within the digital building solutions.

BACnet Center of Excellence

Softdel incubated the world’s first and largest BACnet Compliance Test Reference Lab (renamed as Protocol Test Lab) which certifies more than 90% of the world’s BACnet compliant devices. Over the years the company has leveraged  its BACnet expertise by consulting on, training, developing and implementing thousands of BACnet compliant devices and solutions. Global OEMs choose Softdel as their preferred BACnet expert.

Find out how Softdel can help you with bringing BACnet expertise to your building automation products.

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