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    Helping energy, oil & gas OEMs to bring “next-gen” technology solutions

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    The Energy industry plays a key role in the global economy. Tighter regulations governing climate change and emissions and a pressing need for energy conservation are increasingly driving organizations to adopt smart energy management solutions. There is a push for alternate energy sources such as wind, solar, biofuels etc. to meet growing energy demand without affecting the environment.

    We have been helping global industry majors develop next-generation products and technologies. Our solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy, oil & gas companies. They comprise proven engineering methodologies, software tools, and reusable frameworks to ensure successful results.

    PrizmIO Offerings

    The global energy crisis combined with a lack of abundant clean and green power, and the rising maintenance cost of legacy energy systems poses a formidable challenge to development and growth. The exploding world population further stretches the demand-supply gap. Optimization of energy usage is a need of the times.

    Our Services

    – Energy management software & application development
    – Advanced connectivity protocols implementation
    – Cloud services – consulting, connectivity, and application development
    – Smart grid solutions
    Advanced lighting solutions with energy management capability
    Implementation of protocols enabling energy management capability
    Management Application Development to configure, control and monitor energy management systems
    – Application development for remote monitoring and control
    – Design and implementation of ZigBee and other protocol-based applications

    Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are being used in revolutionary ways across various industry verticals Increasing display sizes, display consolidation, information prioritization, remote monitoring and control, seamless connectivity are some of major trends in this space. OEMs are looking for better HMI solutions to enable standardization, reusability, cost & quality control.

    Our Services

    HMI Consulting services
    – Story boarding, User experience (UX) consulting
    – Selection & Evaluation of HMI tool chain, OS/Platform
    – Requirements management

    HMI Development
    – HMI design and Business logic development
    – HMI platform development/porting on Embedded Linux
    – HMI applications development with Multilingual support (Localization)
    – HMI Tools expertise – Qt/QML, HTML5, SVG, QNX, Altia, Linux/Android

    HMI Testing
    – Test requirements
    – Test script development
    – Functional validation
    – Planning and Execution – Manual, Automated

    CASE STUDY // Energy

    Modbus Interface for a BTU Meter (Energy Meter)

    Client : Leading manufacturer of the ultrasonic, vortex, differential pressure & turbine flow meters and BTU meters

    Smart Connectivity Platform for applications in Oil & Gas industry

    Client : Leading American Oil and Gas company

    Sub-station Temperature Monitoring & Control System

    Client : Global leader of infrared temperature and gas measurement solutions

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