Technology, connectivity and the proliferation of online shopping options have disrupted the retail industry.
Is your store technology-enabled to provide customers with the same ease offered by online retailers?

Softdel applies its technology expertise to develop unique solutions for traditional retail, from frictionless checkout to smart baskets and theft detection. Many of these solutions have the added benefit of mapping customers’ shopping behavior and providing analytics that retailers can use to reduce shopping time, optimize pricing and increase impulse buying.

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible for a refrigerator to send a retailer a list of items the customer requires. Similarly it can send a wholesaler a list of items in short supply at a retail store. Softdel’s retail solutions include connectivity harnessing the power of IoT to introduce automation and off-site control or increase efficiency.

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Embedded Hardware & Firmware

Softdel has years of experience identifying the potential to transform traditional products into smart, technology enabled devices. Embedded solutions include hardware design, firmware development and building a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI). This expertise has enabled Softdel to redesign devices and solutions for the retail industry:

  • Smart basket with in-built bar code scanner to reduce manpower and customer billing time
  • Point of Sale system for frictionless checkout
  • RFID theft detection devices for increased security

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Connectivity Protocols

Connectivity and wireless communication are critical features of every smart device. Softdel helps retailers enhance connectivity through:

  • Solutions for wireless connectivity to end-nodes
  • Cloud connectivity to enable connected stores, connected products and connected users

Stack Integration


Gateway Design & Development

A gateway is a device or software module that understands multiple protocols and enables seamless communication between devices running on different protocols. Softdel’s expertise in multiple connectivity protocols makes it an excellent partner for gateway solutions.

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Application Development

Management applications for control are used across multiple domains, including the retail industry. Retailers also require specialized apps targeted at shoppers to deliver promotions, personalize the shopping experience and track buying behavior. Softdel applications for Smart Retail include:

  • Solution for faster checkout at POS
  • Cloud based analytics to predict consumer behavior
  • Mobile apps for a personalized shopping experience

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Verification & Validation

Software test strategies and tools must evolve to keep up with new technologies, updated versions and changing industry standards. Softdel’s testing services include strategy development, test management, test execution and test reporting. The company’s expertise in testing services has been leveraged to create a device agnostic Test Automation Framework, to reduce time and resources while achieving full test coverage of embedded devices.

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