Years of experience enabling global OEMs has enhanced Softdel’s domain specific technology expertise. Softdel has built a range of next-gen IoT solutions that help customers tackle business challenges, comply with industry standards and enhance efficiency, in a timely and cost effective manner. Softdel provides a full suite of solutions across the entire IoT landscape.

IoT Solutions & Applications

Softdel delivers IoT design, consulting, development and integration solutions to a wide range of global product companies and OEMs to help them innovate faster.

Device Engineering

Softdel has in-depth expertise in product design and engineering that helps clients shrink time to market and reduce costs.

Gateway Design & Development

Softdel has ready building blocks and platforms to quickly create a custom gateway to suit the OEMs specific application.

Connectivity Protocols

Softdel has extensive experience across all building, lighting and industrial automation device communication technologies.

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