BOSS Simulator

Your complete virtual BACnet device simulation tool
BOSS Simulator

Softdel’s BOSS Simulator is a sophisticated BACnet monitoring, debugging and simulation program that runs on any Windows® computer. It has a simple interface that is easy to use for BACnet professionals as well as novices.

BOSS Simulator extends the functionality of Softdel’s BOSS Explorer by adding complex simulation and troubleshooting features, including support for A-side and B-side services, device discovery across routers and auto command generation across the entire network.

Technicians can configure the BACnet network, issue service commands and manage physical and virtual BACnet devices. Traffic can be automatically generated to test network behavior. Real time monitoring and logging of the network is supported. BOSS Simulator can backup the object properties of the simulated created devices  and restore the properties and configuration at a later time.

BOSS Simulator is used as a standalone program to create and simulate a virtual network. An entire BACnet network consisting of virtual devices can be created, complete with simulated traffic. The simulated network can be loaded with the backup of a physical network, allowing a technician to troubleshoot the network without having to be on-site

Features BOSS Explorer BOSS Simulator
Automatic network traffic generatorX
Backup and restore supportX
BBMD supportX
Configurable BACnet devicesX
Discover and browse BACnet devices
Monitor Object property values
Object Browser
Protocol revision supportPR-19PR-19
Real time logging, monitoring & analysis of BACnet commands and responseX
Segmentation support
Set property value of discovered objects
Simulate BACnet/Ip device virtuallyX
Support for both A-side and B-side servicesX
Supports IBM MS DBCS ,ANSI X3.4 character sets
User configurable simulation of PVs(Present Values)X
Virtual routerX
Total Price$149.00$1,350.00
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Below are the Steps to Install the BOSS Simulator
  • Click on the ‘Download’ link on the check out page (post payment) to install BOSS Simulator
  • Open folder “BOSS Simulator Installer” >> Click on setup.exe
  • Follow instructions to complete setup
  • Now, start BOSS Simulator from Desktop or from Start Up menu
  • Click on register button
  • Select MAC address from list and click on generate button to generate license request file(.bnt file) and save it on local machine
  • Please email the .bnt file to
  • Once we receive .bnt file, we will email you the license file (.lic extension) within 24 working hours. Please save the license file on your desktop
  • Start BOSS Simulator
  • Click on register button
  • Select validation radio button if not selected, browse for the saved license file
  • Click on validate to apply the license

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