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    DMX-512 (Digital Multiplex) is an open, serial RS-485 standard communication protocol is used for controlling lighting dimmers and fixtures. It is designed to provide seamless communication between lighting end-points, regardless of their manufacturer.

    It is widely used for controlling stage lighting and to create theatrical effects such as moving lights, color changing LED applications, fog machines, etc. DMX is also used in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting.


    Softdel offers a ready-to-use, royalty-free DMX-512 receive and transmit stack. The stack enables lighting end-points and transmits devices to achieve compliance with the DMX-512 standard.

    We also offer services such as porting of DMX-512 stack to device platforms, integration with device applications, and complete product testing.


    • Stack is developed in ‘C’ language and can be ported to any microcontroller platform

    • It can be used on RTOS as well as non- RTOS platforms

    • Hardware and OS-agnostic layered architecture

    • DMX-512 compliant HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) development

    • Supports all DMX-512 functions

    • Supports custom configuration for start code, variable length packet

    • Tested with various DMX-512 testing tools such as ENTTEC DMX USB Pro Mk2 simulator

    • Implementation as per DMX-512 specification documents – DMX-512-E1-11_2008R2013

    • Minimal memory footprint
    Standard API guide for application development


    Royalty-free Stack

    Readily deployable DMX-512 Receive and Transmit Stack on royalty-free basis


    Developed in C language and can be ported to any microcontroller platform

    Value-add Services

    Comprehensive services from stack porting, integration to end-to-end product testing


    Supports all DMX-512 functions, custom configuration for Start Code, Variable length packet

    CASE STUDY // DMX-512 Stack

    DMX-512 Stack Porting with Modular Lighting Controller

    Client : Leading US based manufacturer of stage lighting systems

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