Device Engineering


Growing market demand and advancements in IoT enabled products and solutions is forcing OEMs to launch multiple product lines at the right time in the market. Device engineering demands a variety of skills ranging from electronic hardware development, firmware development, connectivity protocol implementation and software development. OEMs are often constrained with the lack of such skills in advanced technologies and may not always have adequate domain expertise especially around new emerging standards.


Softdel has in-depth expertise in product design and engineering that helps clients shrink time to market and reduce costs. The company’s deep expertise in hardware design, embedded software development, testing, validation and deployment helps manufacturers and OEMs build new products and re-engineer legacy products that are smart, connected and interoperable, all essential elements of being IoT ready.

Softdel has proven experience in developing a wide range of devices: Building Controllers, Thermostats, Application Specific Controllers, Industrial Drives, Multi-Protocol Gateways, IoT Gateways, HMIs, Fire Alarm Systems, Lighting Controllers, LED Drivers, I/O Controllers, Flowmeters and more..

Hardware Design
  • Schematic
  • PCB layout and assembly
  • Hardware re-engineering for component obsolescence
  • Hardware testing
  • Board bring-up
Firmware Development
  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrade
  • Platform development and porting
  • Device driver and BSP development
  • Communication protocol integration (including BACnet, Modbus, Zigbee, HART, CAN)
IoT Gateway Development
  • Develop IoT Gateway for legacy product line, supporting multiple protocols (MQTT, CoAP, WebSockets)
  • Security implementation
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Edge Analytics
Embedded HMI
  • Design and development
  • Applications with multilingual support
  • Testing
Tools & Technologies
  • Renesas Synergy Platform
  • Microchip MPLab
  • TI Simplelink SDK
  • Altium, PADS


Domain Expertise
  • Expertise in building, lighting and industrial automation working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe
  • Our products have won global technology innovation awards for our clients in the building automation industry
Smart Building
  • 15+ years of deep experience of working with the Building Automation community worldwide
  • Softdel operates world’s first and largest BACnet Reference Test Lab, certifying more than 90% of the world’s BACnet compliant devices
Smart Lighting
  • Deep experience working on LED Fixtures, LED Drivers, Wall Controllers, Lighting Gateways etc
  • Successfully developed 25+ solutions for global lighting OEMs
  • Independent test lab for validation and scalability testing;
Smart Factories​
  • Legacy of several decades of experience in design and manufacturing industrial automation products
  • Domain expertise with AC/DC/Servo Drives, PLCs, Robotics and Instrumentation Devices
Technology Experience
Technology Experience

  • 15+ years of experience across wired and wireless connectivity protocols
  • Experience across various semiconductors including TI, Microchip, Renesas, Silicon Labs, Intel
  • Expertise on various embedded and real time operating systems FreeRTOS, ThreadX, ITRON, Embedded Linux, Ubuntu, RTLinux, VxWorks
  • Docker-container microservices architecture
  • Leverage Softdel’s ready Building-IoT gateway platform ÉdificeEdge developed in partnership with Intel, can be quickly customized to any IoT application.


End-to-end support from consulting and product design to product development and testing

  • Market consulting
  • Defining product specifications
  • Technology selection – hardware, firmware, software
  • Product design & prototying
  • Product development and testing
  • Certification (UL, EMI, EMC)
  • Production support


Flexible business models to align with customer specific requirements and processes

Our technical experts and domain specialists will be happy to address your needs