IoT Solutions & Services


By 2025 the Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated to grow to 75 billion connected devices. Connected factories, buildings, lighting and homes will become the norm pushing out companies that are not able to adopt to this new reality and disruption. This poses a major challenge for manufacturers and OEMs who’s new and legacy products will need to be engineered to meet the standards of tomorrows IoT networks.

IoT Solutions

Softdel delivers IoT design, consulting, development and integration solutions & services to a wide range of global product companies and OEMs to help them innovate faster. Softdel’s future proof solutions encompass advanced controls, connectivity and digital transformation technologies that enable our customers introduce cutting-edge products in a smart and connected world.  A suite of pre-built software stacks and tools not only help to reduce time to market but also make our solutions more affordable.  Specialized domain-knowledge backed by consistent quality and an agile delivery system, makes Softdel a preferred partner for global companies, including many Fortune 500 majors.

IoT Consultancy
  • Define the customer’s business objectives along with IoT business models and monetization plans
  • Identify and prioritize IoT use cases
  • Prepare Market Requirements Documents
  • Design IoT plans and road maps
  • Selection of appropriate technologies and components
Embedded Product Development
  • Develop new product lines to implement native IoT protocols
  • Implement IoT connectivity protocols like MQTT, Thread,CoAP
  • Re-engineer the existing product line to make it IoT compatible
  • Implement field level connectivity protocols like Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee, BACnet, Modbus etc.
IoT Gateway Development
  • Develop IoT Gateway for legacy product line, supporting multiple protocols (MQTT, CoAP, WebSockets)s
  • Security implementation
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Edge Analytics
Platform Development & Integration
  • Platform integration and device simulations for scalability testing
  • Custom IoT middleware development
  • Protocol adaptor development
Management Application Development
  • Develop IoT applications such as management applications for remote monitoring and control
  • Develop product specific use cases and algorithms to predict maintenance requirement or predict days to failure
  • Mobile application development
  • API development and support to enable third-party application integration
  • Development of cloud hosted, on premise and hybrid solutions
Tools & Technologies
  • Azure IoT stack
  • AWS IoT stack
  • Analytics framework
  • Native Android, iOS
  • Cross platform Cordova, Xamarin


Domain Expertise
  • Expertise in building, lighting and industrial automation working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe
  • Our products have won global technology innovation awards for our clients in the building automation industry
Deep IoT Development Experience Across Applications
  • Cloud based BMS
  • Smart space management solutions with energy optimization, facility operation management
  • Predictive maintenance for flow measurement equipment
Technology Experience
Technology Experience

15+ years of experience in gateway development across building, lighting and industrial automation domain

  • Azure competency center
  • AWS competency center
  • Application development using advanced technologies like Node JS, Angular JS, VUE JS, ReactJS, Python


End-to-end support from consulting and product design to product development and testing

  • Device engineering
  • IoT gateway development
  • IoT middleware development
  • IoT cloud platform development
  • IoT application development
  • API module for third party integration
  • Managed IoT services


Flexible business models to align with customer specific requirements and processes

Our technical experts and domain specialists will be happy to address your needs