Our Team


Santosh Raktawan

Managing Director

Santosh leads Softdel as its Managing Director and he is responsible for all aspects of the operation including engineering, technology, sales, marketing, customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

Santosh has been with Softdel for over a decade and has grown into his current role after having led the engineering, delivery and quality assurance functions at the company. Santosh has over two decades of global product engineering experience across geographies and has previously worked with the Tata Group, KPIT Cummins and Wipro Technologies. Santosh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Shivaji University, India

Umesh Suryawanshi

Director - Digital Transformation Solutions

Umesh is a technologist and has over two decades of experience in developing smart and connected products.

Umesh’s inimitable style of leadership, combined with his sharp focus on technology realization and customer experience has helped Softdel emerge as a leading global Industrial IoT solution provider with a focus on Smart Building, Smart Lighting and Smart Factories segments.


His experience cuts across large and complex OEMs with mature product lines as well as early stage tech companies where product roadmaps are not fully defined.  Umesh is equally adept at applying modern IoT solutions to end user segments by helping them drive ROI from their technology spends.


Prior to joining Softdel, Umesh worked with Tech Mahindra, Tata Elxsi, Tata Consulting Services and Automotive Research Association of India.


Umesh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Walchand College of Engineering, Shivaji University, India.


Deepti Shete

Director- Technology & CoE Practice

Deepti is the cornerstone of Softdel’s Building Automation practice and has over 15 years of experience across Building & Telecom domains.

At Softdel, Deepti leads the Technology & Centre of Excellence Practice with a keen focus on product management, pre-sales support and customer centric technology solutions. She has been instrumental in institutionalizing the BACnet University at Softdel which nurtures and groom’s talent across building automation technologies. Deepti’s experience with technology majors such as Wipro, Qualcomm and Avaya along with a strong understanding of embedded systems technologies and trends enables her to provide viable solutions to complex problems. Deepti holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Pune University, India

Swapnil Kulkarni

Director - Customer Success

Swapnil champions Softdel’s success mantra – ‘the customer is at the center of everything’

One of Swapnil’s primary goals is to align Softdel’s strategy, execution and leadership to drive the realization of the customer’s vision and goals. Swapnil has been with Softdel for over a decade and has been part of the company’s growth journey and expansion. He is responsible for customer engagement, on-boarding and success across various segments of the Industrial Internet of Things value chain including Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Industrial Automation and Automotive sectors. Swapnil holds an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (IT) from Pune University, India

Shitalkumar Chavan

Director - Engineering

Shitalkumar has over 17 years of software delivery experience across the building automation, industrial automation and consumer electronics segments.

At Softdel, Shitalkumar leads all aspects of the software engineering operation and quality assurance. His responsibilities include definition and implementation of quality processes, resourcing and delivery operations management. He has deep expertise in embedded systems testing including development of test automation framework solutions for complex systems. Prior to Softdel, Shitalkumar worked with the Tata group, Robert Bosch, KPIT Technologies, Giesecke & Devrient and Curtis Instruments. Shitalkumar has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Electronics from Shivaji University, India

Manoj Soni

Representative Director - Japan

Manoj is responsible for Softdel’s business operations in Japan.

With 20 plus years of experience under his belt, Manoj embodies Softdel’s ‘customer first’ attitude. His entrepreneurial mindset, result-oriented approach along with a keen sight for identifying key customer challenges makes him an integral member of Softdel’s team in Japan. Manoj’s responsibilities include nurturing strategic relationships with partners and growing Softdel’s business segments in Japan. Manoj is fluent in Japanese and has a deep understanding of Japanese business culture and customs. Manoj has an MBA and the experience of selling large scale technology solutions and consulting services in Japan and APAC regions.

Sunil K. Dalal

Chairman - UNIDEL

Sunil is the founder of Softdel and the Chairman & Managing Director of UNIDEL, a global enterprise with a focus on technology and innovation.

Softdel was created to assist UNIDEL’s industrial automation joint venture partners Eurotherm-Invensys, SSD-Parker Hannifin, Land-Ametek and Matrikon-Honeywell with access to India’s software-based R&D prowess. Since then Sunil has worked closely with Softdel’s management and together they have successfully broadened the company’s offerings and customer base to emerge as a leading global Industrial Internet of Things player. Sunil’s continued efforts are to help Softdel grow to the next level by aligning its technology and domain expertise to new market growth opportunities. Sunil is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and is keen on nurturing entrepreneurial talent. Sunil has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering & Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University, USA.

Anil Wani

President - UNIDEL

Anil is responsible for sales operations, people and support functions across all UNIDEL ventures.

Anil started his career with UNIDEL company Digital Electronics Ltd in 1975. Through his career, Anil has led grounds up R&D, manufacturing and sales efforts for several generations of products including industrial instruments, electronic production systems, time attendance systems and CAD peripherals. Anil’s technical experience spans across electro-mechanical, electrical, electronics, embedded systems and software technologies. Anil has consistently delivered predictable performance through the adoption of UNIDEL’s unique business management system across group ventures. Anil has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Pune and is passionate about building and nurturing high performance teams across business functions.

Dr. Juzar Motiwalla


Juzar is a board member and advisor to several companies in the technology space that have global footprints.

Juzar was Partner, Investments at Green Dot Capital where he was responsible for global investments. Prior to joining Green Dot Capital, he was Chief Executive Officer of Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), a 300 person high-tech laboratory. KRDL incubated 15 start-up companies in Asia and Silicon Valley. KRDL’s success in bridging competitive world-class technologies with high-growth markets, received international coverage including feature articles in Red Herring, Asian Wall Street Journal and Time. He has also spearheaded the development of several multi-year international R&D partnerships with Apple, HP, IBM, Ericsson and others. Dr. Motiwalla has been on International Executive Councils of several professional associations and for eight years was a Board Member of Singapore’s National Computer Board. He holds a M.Sc. and PhD from University of Wisconsin

Chirag Nanavati


Chirag has wide ranging experience from managing start-ups and technology commercialization to venture capital.

As Softdel’s former CEO, Chirag led several initiatives ranging from running and managing the Matrikon-Softdel joint venture relationship from grounds up to a team of 60+. He was instrumental in strategizing and sharpening the company’s positioning around industrial automation, helped conceptualize and seed the industrial wireless network management program, product manage the BACnet Simulator program and managed the building of Softdel’s world-class technology center in Pune. Chirag started his career with Honeywell R&D labs in the US where he worked on commercializing real-time, mission-critical avionics and automation products. Subsequently, his time at an early stage venture fund and later leading the business development and operations for a technology start-up taught him invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship in the fiercely competitive US market. Chirag is now Managing Director at UNIDEL Company, Asset Vantage Systems Pvt. Ltd. Chirag holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA and a BS in Computer Science from Michigan Tech University, USA.
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  • Industry Connect Portal:

    Softdel hosted its first IoT Conference on February 27, 2019 in Tokyo and another on February 12, 2020. The conference brought our OEM customers and partners together, to discuss and learn about technologies, latest trends, and disruptions impacting the building and industrial automation space. It’s a unique opportunity to meet with the leaders and innovators from the IoT community. It proves to be a great networking platform to discuss trends, technologies, challenges, solutions, and innovations in the IoT space that spans across various industry segments from Buildings, Lighting to Industrial and Manufacturing.

    The conference is meant for:
    • IoT Leaders & Professionals
    • Members of Corporate IoT Strategy Teams
    • IoT Technology Adopters
    • Consultants & Engineers
    • IoT Solution Enablers
    • Cloud Service Providers
    • Building Automation OEM Representatives
    • Smart lighting OEM Representatives
    • Smart Factories OEM Representatives
  • IoT Solutions & Services:

    An advanced IoT solutions and services platform for manufacturers and OEMs who’s new and legacy products requires advanced engineering to meet the standards of upcoming IoT networks. We offer various services like IoT applications & analytics, IoT platform – data storage, device management, data science, device connectivity, managed services, and testing services.

    • Domain expertise: Expertise in building, lighting and industrial automation working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe
    • One-Stop-Shop: End-to end support for consulting, product design, product development, and testing
    • Deep IoT development experience across applications: Cloud based BMS and smart space management solution with
      energy optimization and facility operation management
    • Flexibility: Highly adaptable business model to align with customer specific requirements and processes
    • Technology experience: Years of experience in Azure competency center, AWS competency center, and a number of application development technologies
    Our Offerings:

    IoT Services

    BACnet Interoperability Testing

    BACnet Pre-certification Testing

    Technology evaluation, technology recommendations, product development, managed services, data science, data storage, testing, device management, and access to our live technology webinars

    Access to network of BACnet devices from various manufacturers, priority access for interoperability testing status/reports, and consulting support on issues/defects

    Priority access for pre-certification status/reports, consulting support on issues/defects

    Why Softdel?
    • 15+ years of experience in gateway development across building, lighting, and industrial automation domain
  • Comms Protocol Training:
    • Training programs on BACnet for software developers, field engineers, test & QA engineers, tech support engineers
    • Customized BACnet programs tuned to OEMs’ needs
    • Flexibility: The division of our courses is highly flexible addressing the needs of beginners as well as professionals.
    • Scalability: There is an immense scope of BACnet in building automation devices of any type to enable limitless connectivity and interoperability.
    • Hands-on experience: We provide our participants hands-on training to get a firm grip and real-time experience of the BACnet protocol functions.
    • Consultancy: Our team of experts will bring tremendous value and improvements for all your BACnet issues.
    Feature Set:

    Core Training Services

    Advanced Training Services

    Customized Training Services

    A beginner’s guide to BACnet protocol with classroom and hands-on training on BACnet fundamentals.

    An advanced professional guide that includes hands-on training using the latest diagnostic, debugging, and configuration tools and techniques.

    A specialized and customizable guide addressing specific requirements.

    Why Softdel?
    • 1000+ hours of trainings experience
    • 50+ OEM engagements
  • B-IoT Tools:

    Our customers can choose from 14 different variants of BACnet stack that is ideal for every building device, equipment, and application. Updated with the latest BACnet standard (Revision-19 supported on all our variants), we offer fully featured BOSS license. You can choose from our two tools:

    • Boss Simulator
    • Boss Explorer
    • Flexibility:Simple interface that is easy to use for BACnet professionals as well as novices
    • Scalability: BACnet monitoring, debugging and simulation program that runs on any Windows® computer
    Feature Set:

    Automatic network traffic generator

    Real time logging, monitoring & analysis of BACnet commands and response

    Backup and restore support

    Segmentation support

    BBMD support

    Set property value of discovered objects

    Configurable BACnet devices

    Simulate BACnet/Ip device virtually

    Discover and browse BACnet devices

    Support for both A-side and B-side services

    Monitor Object property values

    Supports IBM MS DBCS, ANSI X3.4 character sets

    Object Browser

    User configurable simulation of PVs (Present Values)

    Protocol revision support (PR-19)

    Virtual router

    Why Softdel?
    • 1000+ hours of trainings experience
    • 50+ OEM engagements
  • Edifice Edge:

    Ready Gateway platform to kick start your IoT solution – build your own applications including containerization, cloud connectivity, security etc.

    • Modular: Flexible container based architecture with mix & match protocols and applications to enable new services
    • Inclusive: Work with multiple building solution providers like application builders, facility managers, and SIs
    • Open: Data normalized through Project-Haystack that promotes innovation and interoperable data access
    • Secure: Advanced security and authentication procedures that protects aggregated data at rest
    • Extensible: Upscale hardware as needed by adding higher compute nodes within the same stack
    Feature Set:

    Device Discovery: Project Haystack based data model that supports BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP

    Extensible: Micro services based architecture that is scalable to support 3rd party containerized applications

    Data Management: Supports numerous data points with provision to log telemetry data and also supports up to 25,000+ data points

    Platform Interfaces: Rest API to easily integrate with cloud and enterprise based systems with lightweight pub-sub mechanism using MQTT

    Security: APIs secured with TLS1.2 and 256 AES encryption with role-based access control

    Remote Device Management: Secured Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware upgrade- System, applications, and firmware

    Why Softdel?
    • 1000+ hours of trainings experience
    • 50+ OEM engagements