About Us

Softdel helps you introduce cutting edge products in a smart and connected world

Softdel’s next-gen IoT solutions & services encompass advanced controls, connectivity and digital transformation technologies. Specialized domain-knowledge backed by consistent quality and an agile delivery system, makes Softdel a preferred partner for global product companies and OEMs, including many Fortune 500 majors

Smart Buildings

Do your products and applications meet global standards?

Smart buildings require devices with advanced communication protocol compliance, combined with connectivity that supports remote monitoring, control and security.

Smart Lighting

Do you have the technology expertise to keep up at the speed of light?

Smart lighting systems with advanced functionality, LiFi and human-centric lighting systems are the future of smart lighting.

Smart Factories

Is your automation system designed to deliver
tomorrow’s connected factory?

Smart factories connect people, devices, machines and enterprises.

Our Solutions
IoT Solutions & Services

Softdel delivers IoT design, consulting, development and integration solutions to a wide range of global product companies and OEMs to help them innovate faster.

Device Engineering

Softdel has in-depth expertise in product design and engineering that helps clients shrink time to market and reduce costs.

Gateway Design & Development

Softdel has ready building blocks and platforms to quickly create a custom gateway to suit the OEMs specific application.

Connectivity Protocols

Softdel has extensive experience across all building, lighting and industrial automation device communication technologies.

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