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    Softdel BACnet explorer has been helping smart building solution providers, to get an overview of entire BACnet network in better understanding the network complexity and performing various configurations for the devices.

    It provides the comprehensive ability to auto-discover the BACnet devices, objects and their properties in the BACnet network. It allows developers and systems integrators to browse, monitor, configure and edit the values of properties within the discovered devices. It also provides segmentation support.

    Softdel BACnet explorer supports industry latest protocol revision 19 and can discover thousands of BACnet devices.

    Key Features

    Key Features of BACnet Explorer –

    •  Auto-discover the BACnet devices, objects and their properties in Building Automation & Controls Network
    •  Browse the objects and devices in an easy-to-use format
    •  Set and monitor properties of the discovered objects
    •  Control/Edit the values of properties within the discovered devices
    •  Discovers BACnet/IP and Virtual BACnet devices
    •  Discovers up to 1,000 BACnet devices
    •  Supports up to protocol revision 19 devices
    •  Segmentation support
    •  Supports IBM MS DBCS, ANSI X3.4 character sets

    Softdel BOSS Vs BACnet Explorer

    The below table gives the high-level overview of features, comparison, pricing info about our products under our BOSS (BACnet Device Simulator) family – BOSS and BACnet Explorer.

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    Industry Latest

    Supports industry latest BACnet PR-19


    Improved predictability – Cost, Quality & Time


    Reduced travel and time spent at end customer sites

    Cost Saving

    Early identification of issues, hence cost saving

    CASE STUDY // BACnet Explorer

    Building Internet of Things

    Client : Leading US-based Building Management Company

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