in-built intuitive content management
system for elevators

customer background

Our customer is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, providing some of the world’s leading solutions for automatic doors and gates, escalators, elevators, turnstiles, and moving walkways. The 100+-year-old company operates in 60+ countries with revenue streams of more than Euro 10 billion.

customer need

With high commuter traffic in elevator systems worldwide, our customer realised the need for upgrading elevators with mini-information kiosks to boost user satisfaction. They engaged Softdel to integrate a built-in content management platform into their latest series of elevator systems, that would display custom content and essential notifications for passengers in transit, as well as connect with a support centre in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

softdel’s solution

  • Custom content like advertisements, news feeds, weather information, images, animated videos, presentations, and information bulletins
  • Information about the next stop, direction of travel, and energy consumption of the elevator at any given moment
  • Emergency support in case of fire or any other disasters
  • Connectivity to call centres for real-time support if the elevator goes out-of-order

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: Bluetooth

Framework: Xamarin 

Platform: Android and iOS |

Database: SQLite | Tool: Visual Studio


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