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    Bring seamless communication within Industrial devices

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  • Overview

    HART protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a widely used communication protocol in the industrial automation industry. HART is advantageous because it can communicate over the existing traditional 4-20mA signal by extending system capabilities for a two-way digital communication with ‘smart’ field instruments.


    Softdel provides a complete package that helps OEMs and ODMs speed up and simplify the process of building, testing, certifying and deploying HART-enabled products in the market.

    The ready-to-use HART protocol slave stack, compliant with revision 7.6, is available for a one-time licensing fee. The royalty-free HART stack comes with its source code and is pre-tested using HCF kit 192. The one-year warranty can be extended by selecting flexible support models after the warranty period.

    Key Features

    • Compliant with revision 7.6

    • Developed in C language, compatible with any hardware platform, with or without an OS


    • Small and efficient memory footprint; 20 KB ROM and 1.5 KB RAM

    • Supports all universal commands and common practice commands


    • Supports both point-to-point and multi-drop operating modes

    • Supports Burst mode



    Stack conforming to protocol revision 7.6


    Ready-to-use with source code, available royalty-free


    Developed in C language, compatible with any hardware platform, with or without OS


    Flexible support models after the warranty period

    CASE STUDY // HART Stack

    HART7 interface for a process automation flow meter

    Client : Leading Flowmeter OEM

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