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  • Overview

    Industry bodies like BACnet International and FieldComm Group set specific communication protocol standards for different devices used in building and industrial automation. To compete, global players have to make their products compliant with communication protocol standards like BACnet, HART and ZigBee.


    Softdel has over fifteen years of experience with multiple connectivity and communication protocols, particularly BACnet, HART, Modbus, DMX-512 aand Zigbee. It also has domain expertise in building and industrial automation. Softdel uses this experience and expertise to provide services to integrate and port stacks with device applications and platforms.

    • Stack integration with customer platform and applications (Softdel stacks, third-party stacks, OEM proprietary stacks)
    • Stack customization and porting
    • Stack maintenance
    • Application and product testing
    • Pre-certification testing

    Stack Integration
    • Porting of HART stack to device platform
    • Integration with the application and unit testing
    • System testing, validate HART protocol compliance
    • Support during HART certification

    • Validation of implementation of Universal Command and Common Practice Commands
    • Expertise in HTest 192, ANALYS, SDC 625 Device Simulator and other HART Master software
    • Test reports for HART certification process
    • Creation of Field Device Specification (FDS) document, a prerequisite for HART Certification

    Device Description (DD)
    • Development of the DD file
    • DD file validation using SDC 625, Xmtr DD software tools, Emersion 475 and Meriam Communicator

    • Porting of Modbus stack to device hardware platforms, control modules
    • Stack integration with device applications
    • End-to-end product and performance testing

    • Porting of DMX-512 stack to device platforms
    • Stack integration with lighting controllers
    • Unit and integration testing

    • Porting of the stack library to device hardware platforms, including micro-controllers and RTOS
    • Integration of the stack library with the device application software or firmware
    • Unit testing and system testing of the device


    Technology Experience

    15+ years’ experience across wired connectivity protocols like BACnet, HART, etc. and wireless connectivity protocols like ZigBee and Bluetooth

    Domain Expertise

    Expertise in building, lighting and industrial automation, enabling Fortune 500 companies across the globe

    Time To Market

    Ready stacks and service support for integration and compliance with standards help customers reduce time to market


    Flexible business models to align with customer specific requirements and processes

    Tools & Technologies

    Experience Across

    CASE STUDY // Services // BACnet Integration

    BACnet interface for Home & Multimedia Automation

    Client : leading manufacturer of advanced systems for home automation and audio/video control.

    Remote Elevator Monitoring

    World’s one of the foremost provider of elevator and escalator control system.

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