Stack Porting & Integration

Leverage Softdel’s rich experience across protocol communications and hardware platforms
BACnet Protocol Stack Porting and Integration Services

Softdel has over 15 years of experience porting communications stacks to every type of hardware platform including microcontrollers, microprocessors, PLCs, desktop operating systems like Windows®,Linux and real time operating systems (RTOSs).

As an expert in the field of protocol communications stacks, Softdel is involved in working group discussions for the BACnet standard, centered around improving and enhancing the standard’s capabilities. Softdel’s extensive experience allows it to port communications stacks into your system’s hardware and integrate them into your products and applications quickly and easily.

After the communications stack is ported to your hardware, we can test the individual devices to ensure compliance with the appropriate protocol standards.

Stack Porting & Integration services include:
  • Communications stack integration to devices & systems
  • Communications stack customization
  • Stacks can be ported to most hardware platforms including popular microcontrollers and operating systems
  • Device and network performance testing and profiling
  • Communications stack maintenance and upgrading
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Integration with cloud computing and control
  • Network testing and validation
  • Pre-certification testing

Softdel’s team of expert engineers will ensure that your hardware, systems and communications protocols are compliant with the relevant standards and that devices can reliably communicate with each other on the network. Our library of reusable test scenarios is constantly being updated to ensure the highest quality test environment possible.

Our technical experts and domain specialists will be happy to address your needs