reflecting on insights from ICBOM 2024: empowering sustainable building practices through connected data

reflecting on insights from ICBOM 2024: empowering sustainable building practices through connected data

Recently, I had the honor of being an invited speaker at the International Conference on Building Data Acquisition, Ontology, and Modeling (ICBOM) 2024 in Hong Kong. This event brought together some of the brightest minds in sustainable building technology, including industry stalwarts like Andy McMillan President of BACnet International, esteemed academicians, researchers, and other industry experts. It was a dynamic platform for exploring the intersection of connected buildings and sustainability.

key takeaways from ICBOM 2024:

unlocking the potential of connected buildings

Throughout my presentation and other discussions at ICBOM 2024, we all, emphasized the transformative potential of connected buildings in driving sustainability. By integrating advanced building automation systems, we can optimize energy usage, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce environmental impact. Andy McMilan's key note and insights into the evolution of BACnet protocols further reinforced the importance of standardized communication in realizing these benefits. BACnet devices in IoT ecosystems facilitate seamless data exchange, enhance interoperability, and empower building managers with actionable insights for optimised resource utilisation.

data-driven insights for sustainable practices

Data serves as the foundational fuel propelling innovation, and in the realm of buildings, BACnet acts as the essential conduit empowering its flow. ICBOM highlighted the pivotal role of data ontology and modelling in fostering sustainable innovations, encompassing aspects like semantic knowledge graphs breaking down data silos, contextual understanding, and strategies for leveraging alternative data sources to get actionable insights.

interdisciplinary collaboration as a catalyst for innovation

ICBOM 2024 showcased the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving innovation. By fostering dialogue between architects, engineers, data scientists, and policymakers, we can adopt a holistic approach to sustainability. Discussions around "Policy Frameworks for Sustainable Building Design" and "Architectural Integration of IoT Devices" underscored the importance of bridging disciplinary boundaries.

building a greener future

The conference painted a clear picture: a green energy transition of the entire built environment is essential to achieve carbon neutrality goals. Leading the way will be cutting-edge digital technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and cloud computing, which will drive this transition. The sessions also delved into regulatory, economic, and technical challenges inherent in these transformations, along with strategies for mitigation. It was a powerful exploration of digitalisation's potential to advance the green energy transition.

 ICBOM 2024 was a call to action for stakeholders across the built environment to embrace connected data-driven approaches to sustainability. As an invited speaker, I am proud to have contributed to the rich dialogue and discussions at this event. As I took in the collective passion for innovation at ICBOM, I felt immense pride in Softdel’s pivotal role as a leading force powering transformative BACnet-enabled smart buildings towards a greener, smarter, and more resilient future. We at Softdel continue to drive this change with collaborations across the Building Automation industry, enabling digital transformation in tomorrow’s IoT and cloud-enabled buildings and factories by forging connections with real-time data trapped in machines and equipment.


From advanced lighting controls that optimise natural light usage to creating a solution that seamlessly connects and manages an extensive network of HVAC systems, Softdel stands at the forefront of connecting devices, enterprises, and people. 


ICBOM provided an invaluable opportunity to engage with industry leaders, learn about cutting-edge advancements, and draw inspiration for the future. The energy and enthusiasm of fellow attendees were contagious, and I left the conference feeling deeply optimistic about the future of our built environment.



Sachin Deshmukh, Managing Director – Softdel

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