Smart buildings require devices with advanced communication protocol compliance, combined with connectivity that supports remote monitoring, control and security. Do your products and applications meet these standards?

Softdel’s domain and technology expertise enables building automation OEMs with energy efficient, safe and secure building management solutions. Softdel solutions and products are used across the globe, transforming traditional buildings into smart offices, smart airports, smart retail and smart homes.

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the single largest growth accelerant in the building automation industry. Softdel’s advanced communication protocol expertise makes it the perfect partner for IoT solutions in the building automation sector.

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BACnet Training & Consultancy

Softdel is home to the world’s first and largest BACnet Test Lab. Over the years the company has strengthened its BACnet expertise by consulting on, developing and implementing thousands of BACnet compliant devices and solutions. Global OEMs choose Softdel as their preferred BACnet trainer and consultant.

BACnet Training

BACnet Consultancy

Building Controls Engineering

To be globally competitive, OEMs need to engineer products and systems that comply with complex, ever-evolving BACnet standards. With over fifteen years BACnet expertise, Softdel is perfectly positioned to ease complexity and speed up delivery of BACnet compliant products and solutions. Building automation domain knowledge further enhances the relevance of Softdel’s embedded systems solutions for new products and product re-engineering.

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Connectivity Protocols

Connectivity and wireless communication are critical features of every smart device. Softdel’s solutions and products help OEMs enhance connectivity through:

  • Readily deployable, royalty free stacks
  • Stack integration with OEM applications
  • Standard protocol implementation (BACnet, Modbus, etc.)
  • Custom protocol development and maintenance
  • Native IoT connectivity protocols support for MQTT, Thread, CoAP
  • BACnet and Wireless connectivity products that eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming field tests

Stack Integration


Gateway Design & Development

Communication among disparate products running on different network protocols is a major challenge faced by automation OEMs and system integrators. The solution to this is a gateway; a device or software module that understands multiple protocols and enables seamless communication. Softdel’s expertise in multiple connectivity protocols makes it an excellent gateway solutions partner.

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Application Development

Remote monitoring and control of smart buildings is routed through building management applications. These applications monitor air quality, temperature, lighting, energy efficiency, security and safety of the building and its occupants. Softdel helps co-create tools and applications by supporting OEMs throughout the application development life cycle. Applications can be designed for use on local networks or cloud, through PCs, tablets and mobiles.

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Verification & Validation

Softdel, home of the world’s first BACnet Test Lab, has over a decade of experience designing and testing devices and solutions for building automation. Verification and validation services encompass pre-certification, test strategy, test management and test execution. OEMs also use Softdel’s device agnostic Test Automation Framework to reduce time and resources while achieving full test coverage of a variety of embedded devices.

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