Luminaires with advanced functionality, LiFi and human-centric lighting systems are the future of Smart Lighting.
Do you have the technology expertise to keep up with the speed of light?

Lighting systems are typically proprietary networks supporting multiple devices. Although there are many communication protocols used within the industry, there is no universally accepted standard protocol.
Softdel’s experience in developing Building Management Systems and technology expertise in multiple communication protocols enable the company to design solutions that integrate lighting with third party systems using Application Programming Interfaces (API) and IoT Gateways.
The end goal of smart lighting is energy optimization and cost saving. Softdel helps OEMs and building management companies achieve this using specialized lighting management and control tools and applications.

IoT Solutions

Softdel’s solutions in lighting include connectivity harnessing the power of IoT to introduce automation and off-site control or increase efficiency. In the lighting industry, this translates to occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and power monitoring, all working towards the end goal of optimizing energy consumption.

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End-point Firmware Development

Softdel has extensive expertise and experience developing hardware and firmware for building automation devices. Solutions for Smart Lighting include:

  • Firmware development and upgrade for lighting devices
  • RTOS & chipset integration
  • LED Drivers for luminaries with dimming
  • Features implementation; daylight harvesting, dimming, occupancy sensing, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

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Connectivity Protocols

Connectivity of lighting end-points is critical to centralized control. While wireless (WiFi) communication is widely prevalent, LiFi (Light Fidelity) is the communication evolution of the future. Softdel solutions and products help OEMs enhance connectivity through:

  • Readily deployable, royalty free stacks
  • Stack integration with OEM applications
  • Standard protocol implementation (BACnet, Modbus, etc.)
  • Custom protocol development and maintenance
  • Native IoT connectivity protocols support for MQTT, Thread, CoAP
  • BACnet and Wireless connectivity products that eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming field tests

Stack Integration


Gateway Design & Development

Lighting networks are generally proprietary networks, with little standardization. Communication among disparate products running on different network protocols is a major challenge. The solution to this is a gateway; a device or software module that understands multiple protocols and enables seamless communication. Softdel’s expertise in multiple connectivity protocols makes it an excellent gateway solutions partner.

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Application Development

Energy optimization is the primary objective of lighting networks. Softdel customizes lighting network applications to provide a unified, dashboard view, combined with control and monitoring functionality:

  • Lighting control and monitoring applications
  • PC, cloud and mobile applications
  • Lighting API development for 3rd party application integration
  • Application solutions for advanced analytics, such as smart space management
  • Features implementation for firmware upgrade, zone control, wireless control, secured control, scheduling and power monitoring dashboards

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Verification & Validation

Softdel, home of the world’s first and largest BACnet Test Lab, also has an independent test lab to validate lighting devices and applications. System testing services include performance and scalability testing.
OEMs use Softdel’s device agnostic Test Automation Framework to reduce time and resources while achieving full test coverage of a variety of embedded devices.

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