Softdel recognised as a top smart infrastructure solutions provider

Softdel recognised as a top smart infrastructure solutions provider

Softdel: Sustainability-Focused Smart Infrastructure Solutions


Over the course of more than two decades, Softdel has been at the “Heart of Smart” where device connectivity, enterprise connectedness, and people converge. Dedicated to developing innovative IoT and IIoT solutions for smart buildings and smart factories, they have collaborated with many of the Fortune 500 companies, new-age startups, and product companies, enabling the development and seamless integration of smart infrastructure devices.

A full-scale IoT company, Softdel equips OEMs and Global Enterprises with end-to-end solutions for their entire chip-to-cloud journey. They have expertise in hardware design consultations, analytical services like AI and ML, and research and development (R&D) on next-generation cloud and IoT-enabled solutions. By prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions from commercial buildings (which account for nearly 40% of CO2 output), these solutions have a significant impact on the global carbon footprint. Sustainability is at the core of Softdel’s tech services and product offerings.


“Our mission is to drive sustainability initiatives by offering tech-enabled, innovative solutions that empower a transformative shift towards energy-efficient buildings,” says Sachin Deshmukh, Managing Director of Softdel.


Recognizing the vital role of IoT device connectivity in unlocking and utilizing trapped data, Softdel seamlessly integrates these advanced technologies into buildings. From small sensors to large equipment like elevators, HVAC systems, and access control systems, they build solutions to connect a diverse range of IoT devices. Moreover, their flagship product – EdificeEdge IoT gateway enables property owners, building operators, and facility managers to access essential data trapped in equipment and make impactful decisions thus addressing various use cases like remote asset monitoring, energy management, operational efficiency, and cost optimization.


One of the key drivers of Softdel’s success is their involvement as a strategic partner to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) throughout their digital journey, i.e., from conceptualization to the market-ready IoT products. This has led to the company garnering recognition as one of the leading companies in engineering R&D, platform engineering, and IoT solutions for smart buildings.


Softdel’s IoT labs serve as the nerve center for IoT innovation, powering customers with end-to-end support throughout the product lifecycle – from development to testing, ensuring interoperability and maximum efficiency. Softdel also operates the world’s first BACnet Test Lab, which serves as the protocol hub for building automation devices required to be BACnet compatibility certified. This lab has authenticated over 90% of worldwide IoT products in the past 17 years.


Through their well-equipped labs, Softdel empowers companies to develop IoT products with the perfect blend of innovation and cutting-edge technology. For instance, they developed intelligent lighting solutions for a lighting company based on circadian rhythms. The innovative solution allowed the customer to implement daylight harvesting and thus healthier environments. Another success story involves creating an alternative evacuation mechanism beyond the staircase after the 9/11 incident. In collaboration with a leading elevator company, Softdel created an intelligent emergency evacuation operation by integrating elevators, fire alarms, and access control systems. Such success stories cement the company’s position as the preferred IoT and digital transformation partner. By harnessing their technological prowess in smart infrastructure, the company promotes the creation of solutions that empower customers to achieve their net zero goals, thus contributing to a greener world of tomorrow.


Softdel’s partnership with industry giants like Intel, Siemens, and Software AG is cultivated thanks to its unwavering dedication to continuous investment in innovation and fostering product connectivity.


Through these collaborations, Softdel has successfully created and delivered an array of smart infrastructure IoT products and services, catering to the diverse needs of customers across various sectors.


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