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Softdel’s Test Automation Framework

SoftTAF is Softdel’s test automation framework for testing your embedded systems products. SoftTAF provides automated test coverage with no manual intervention required. SoftTAF was developed to use fewer resources and requires less time compared to manual testing.

Supported test stages include:

  • Integration Testing for validating interactions between different systems
  • System Testing for validating the entire system
  • Regression Testing for verifying operation after the Device Under Test (DUT) has been modified
  • Sanity Testing for quickly verifying nightly builds
  • Functional Testing for verifying operation according to specifications
  • Acceptance Testing for verifying operation according to end-user requirements
  • Smoke Testing for quickly determining simple failures

Softdel runs one of the world’s largest BACnet testing laboratories and has almost two decades of experience testing embedded systems for many verticals including building automation, industrial automation and smart lighting. This experience has made Softdel a leader in device testing automation and has enabled us to develop leading-edge testing methodologies to reliably test any embedded system.

Softdel’s testing methodologies are based on modular, reusable hardware and software which can be scaled to support multiple product lines. Test modules can be quickly customized and can easily integrate with third party tools and equipment.

Custom and industry standard testing methodologies are supported.

Our test engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements and propose a test plan to fit your unique requirements.


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