The Future of Hospitals is Smart

‘Flatten the Curve’ with Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has put undue pressure on healthcare resources. Routine tasks have been replaced by emergency actions such as creating isolation units, protecting doctors from infection and building outbreak-specific inventory. Fear amplifies the complexity.

Technology can be a comrade in this war against the virus. It can limit human exposure and ‘flatten the curve’ until a vaccine is discovered.

Significance of IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one prospect solution. All of this technology’s functional components – data collection, transfer, analytics, and storage – work without any human involvement. Data is collected by sensors installed on mobile hardware such as phones, robots, and health monitors. That data is then sent to the cloud for analytics and decision-making.

IoT-enabled systems can mitigate various facets of the pandemic. In healthcare, the technology can reduce contact between patients and medical staff. This minimizes risks. Remote monitoring eliminates person-to-person contagion and enables a virtual frontline force. In governance, IoT can help monitor virus outbreaks and enforce of lockdown rules with spatial or geographic data. In law enforcement, inventive IoT devices such as drones can check compliance with social distancing and quarantine protocols. The significance of IoT in healthcare, particularly in treatment centers, is vital.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Smart Hospitals

Investors recognized the possibilities that smart hospitals present even before the pandemic hit. Venture capital funding for digital health solutions has increased exponentially from around US $1 billion in 2011 to more than US $8 billion in 2018.

Making hospitals smarter improves patient outcomes. Smart hospitals with embedded technologies have operations that work in unison. These form a part of the larger healthcare delivery, in turn making the entire medical ecosystem smarter. With sensors installed throughout a building, a trove of patient data is generated. Occupancy, lighting management, patient vitals, doctor-patient engagements, and inventory control are all examples. Using this data as the foundation of analytics, means that both patient outcomes and costs can be optimized while reducing treatment and diagnostic errors. HVACs that detect aerosols, automated admission procedures, dashboards for patient reports, real-time ecosystem data-sharing are some innovations that IoT made a reality.

IoT Enabled Interconnected Health Infrastructure

The underlying technology and IoT components to make healthcare smarter exist but are highly fragmented. An ecosystem that draws together various sources of medical data is absent. The pandemic has triggered a need for IoT-enabled inter-connected health infrastructure. This will create a frictionless environment for data collection, processing, and storage. Such systems can be scaled and used for disease tracking, preventive quarantine, and in-patient care.

The future of healthcare depends on making healthcare buildings smarter.

The world wasn’t ready for the COVID-19 pandemic. With smart buildings – hospitals, laboratories, quarantine centers and patient clinics – connected and optimized, we could be much better prepared in future.

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    Priority access for pre-certification status/reports, consulting support on issues/defects

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    A beginner’s guide to BACnet protocol with classroom and hands-on training on BACnet fundamentals.

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    Our customers can choose from 14 different variants of BACnet stack that is ideal for every building device, equipment, and application. Updated with the latest BACnet standard (Revision-19 supported on all our variants), we offer fully featured BOSS license. You can choose from our two tools:

    • Boss Simulator
    • Boss Explorer
    • Flexibility:Simple interface that is easy to use for BACnet professionals as well as novices
    • Scalability: BACnet monitoring, debugging and simulation program that runs on any Windows® computer
    Feature Set:

    Automatic network traffic generator

    Real time logging, monitoring & analysis of BACnet commands and response

    Backup and restore support

    Segmentation support

    BBMD support

    Set property value of discovered objects

    Configurable BACnet devices

    Simulate BACnet/Ip device virtually

    Discover and browse BACnet devices

    Support for both A-side and B-side services

    Monitor Object property values

    Supports IBM MS DBCS, ANSI X3.4 character sets

    Object Browser

    User configurable simulation of PVs (Present Values)

    Protocol revision support (PR-19)

    Virtual router

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    • 1000+ hours of trainings experience
    • 50+ OEM engagements
  • Edifice Edge:

    Ready Gateway platform to kick start your IoT solution – build your own applications including containerization, cloud connectivity, security etc.

    • Modular: Flexible container based architecture with mix & match protocols and applications to enable new services
    • Inclusive: Work with multiple building solution providers like application builders, facility managers, and SIs
    • Open: Data normalized through Project-Haystack that promotes innovation and interoperable data access
    • Secure: Advanced security and authentication procedures that protects aggregated data at rest
    • Extensible: Upscale hardware as needed by adding higher compute nodes within the same stack
    Feature Set:

    Device Discovery: Project Haystack based data model that supports BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP

    Extensible: Micro services based architecture that is scalable to support 3rd party containerized applications

    Data Management: Supports numerous data points with provision to log telemetry data and also supports up to 25,000+ data points

    Platform Interfaces: Rest API to easily integrate with cloud and enterprise based systems with lightweight pub-sub mechanism using MQTT

    Security: APIs secured with TLS1.2 and 256 AES encryption with role-based access control

    Remote Device Management: Secured Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware upgrade- System, applications, and firmware

    Why Softdel?
    • 1000+ hours of trainings experience
    • 50+ OEM engagements