enhancing fire safety via a highly
customisable remote monitoring
interface and mobile application

customer background

This renowned US-based customer manufactures safety products for diverse industries like construction, mining, oil & gas, fire services, and even the military. For over 100 years, their fall protection devices, portable gas detection instruments, breathing apparatus, and many others have been safeguarding human lives and infrastructure, making them global leaders in the safety products manufacturing industry.

customer need

Flame detectors are one of the many safety products manufactured by the customer. However, the risk involved in close-quarter configuration of these devices was too high, as were the maintenance costs and manpower involved. As a part of their IoT and digitisation initiative, the customer needed to integrate a Bluetooth interface on their flame detectors and design an app that allowed the customer to monitor and control all these devices. They partnered with Softdel to develop a solution matching their exact needs.

softdel’s solution

  • Device discovery and pairing support using the Generic Access Profile (GAP) and Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)
  • Enhanced security and data encryption, with an exclusive pairing ability for products from the customer’s product line
  • Push monitor data upon request from the mobile application
  • Ability to receive control commands from the mobile application using BLE Profiles/Services, and perform various control and monitoring operations
  • A test case framework, which was created using the VectorCAST testing tool
  • Active as well as passive remote monitoring ability
  • Device communication solely with customer’s products, to maintain a secure network
  • Data collection over Bluetooth
  • Data visualisation with an auto-refresh feature
  • Ability to download event logs up to 7500 events, and store these in .csv format
  • Modbus and HART configuration
  • Access as per user roles, like regular and admin, safety manager, and so on

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: BLE 5.0, HART

Framework: Xamarin

Platform: Android and iOS

Database: SQLite

Tool: Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, SEGGER Embedded Studio

Operating Systems: TI-RTOS


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