highly advanced smart grid-ready
temperature monitor for the utility industry

customer background

Our customer is a global market leader in gas and temperature sensing instruments for the energy, industrial, and commercial sectors. With offices across the Americas, Asia, and Europe, they boast decades of trusted service, and are particularly renowned for their fiber optic temperature solutions for the energy market.

customer need

The most critical parameter to monitoring transformers — and therefore extending their lifespan — is temperature control, and the highest temperature of all is the Winding Hot Spot, the place inside a transformer most likely to break down first. Creating real-time temperature monitoring systems is thus crucial for the protection and control of transformers. The customer, who already had an existing temperature monitor to check winding hot spot temperature, wanted it to be re-designed to capture emerging markets. The upgraded solution would also have to be smart grid-ready, have a range of connectivity options to make temperature monitoring easier, and be completely configurable as per various use cases. They approached Softdel to build them a flexible platform that would perform direct and real-time winding hot spot measurements.

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: IEC61850, DNP3.0, Modbus

Platform: Windows Embedded, Fluoroptic® Technology


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