enhancing tankless water heaters with a
scalable mobile app and a robust
AWS cloud application

customer background

This customer is the world’s leading producer of water heating solutions, ranging from gas and kitchen appliances to heating and air conditioning (HVAC) units. With over a century of expertise, our customer is dedicated to sustainability and creating a higher standard of living through their cutting-edge solutions.

customer need

The customer had two mobile apps: one for homeowners to monitor/control appliances and another for industry professionals for device configuration and access to user manuals. However, these apps and their cloud application faced multiple performance, stability, and scalability issues. To improve the user experience for both end users and industry professionals, the customer planned to merge both apps. With 20+ years of experience in building automation and over a decade in developing digital controls solutions for water heaters (residential and commercial) and boilers, Softdel was the clear choice for the collaboration. Leveraging its expertise in creating BLE and Wi-Fi-based mobile apps, Softdel revamped the app front end with intuitive UI/UX and enhanced the existing AWS cloud backend to accommodate these changes.

softdel’s solution

  • Seamless Wi-Fi/BLE pairing with water heaters.
  • Customizable water heating schedules and monitoring alerts via Wi-Fi/BLE bridge.
  • Push Notification Service (Firebase and APNs) integration for error alerts and maintenance.
  • Remote monitoring via interaction with professionals, through Service Requests (SR).
  • Real-time device data presentation through intuitive graphical displays.
  • Comprehensive user control over appliance configurations.
  • Integration with smart home platforms such as Apple Home (HomeKit), Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.
  • Access to device manuals and troubleshooting guides for homeowners and professionals.
  • In-depth analysis of environmental and cost savings facilitated by the tankless water heaters.
  • Backend re-architecture to serverless microservices.
  • Streamlined CI/CD pipeline using CodeCommit repositories that automates compiling the source code, packaging, and APK file generation.
  • Integration of AWS services for efficiency and security, including Secrets Manager, IoT Device Defender, IoT Device Advisor, WAF, Shield, and more.

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: Bluetooth, WiFi, MQTT, GraphQL

Database: RDS

Cloud: AWS

Framework: Flutter

Platform: Android and iOS

Programming Language: Dart


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