softdel wins the 2023 IoT breakthrough award

softdel wins the 2023 IoT breakthrough award
for “enterprise IoT management innovation”

Softdel, a leading IoT solutions provider for smart buildings, announced that its EdificeEdge IoT Gateway platform has been selected as the winner of the “Enterprise IoT Management Innovation Award” at the 7th Annual IoT Breakthrough Awards. IoT Breakthrough, the leading market intelligence organization that conducted the program, picked Softdel’s EdificeEdge from over 4000 global nominations.
The EdificeEdge IoT Gateway, built on top of Intel’s powerful compute platform, seamlessly – and securely – aggregates data trapped in IoT-enabled building assets, including sensors, actuators, controllers, lighting control systems, thermostats, HVAC systems, and other building equipment. This data, collected over BACnet, Modbus, and other communication protocols, can then be used to generate actionable insights for tomorrow’s AI-enabled smart buildings. The gateway platform also unlocks various high impact use cases for functions like occupancy, temperature, humidity, and CO2, to reduce energy consumption and enable effective predictive and preventive maintenance.

The ability to build applications and perform analytics at the edge reduces dependency on network connectivity. This gateway platform from Softdel leverages new technological advances like containerization, virtualization, and orchestration. This solution is built on a modern microservices architecture that is ideal for integrating siloed wireless IoT sensor systems in smart buildings. This enables enterprises to build new and differentiated B-IoT solutions.


“We are pleased to be recognized with this award from IoT Breakthrough. With ever-increasing connected devices installed in smart buildings, it became apparent to us that the most prominent way to unlock trapped data at the edge – which can be used in the most meaningful way for the IoT ecosystem – is to deploy IoT gateways. Clean and relevant data sent to the cloud for analysis, allows data to be parsed efficiently in order to reveal opportunities for operational efficiency, comfort, and safety,” says Sunil K Dalal, Founder, and Chairman, Softdel.


“The recognition from IoT Breakthrough is gratifying, and is a strong validation of our two-decades of innovation-led journey in developing cutting-edge digital solutions. The EdificeEdge platform provides a clear picture of energy usage by different building equipment, thus prompting an informed, data-driven approach to optimizing energy consumption, and creating a sustainable world of operationally efficient smart buildings,” added Sachin Deshmukh, Managing Director, Softdel.


The IoT Breakthrough Awards have been recognizing IoT-led excellence across companies, products, and technologies for years, in a wide range of categories including Connected Home and Home Automation, Enterprise IoT, Smart City technology, and more.


“40% of global energy consumption, plus around one-third of greenhouse gas emissions, are down to buildings – the same critical environment all of us need in order to live, work, and rest. Understanding and managing each building’s energy usage is the critical first step to achieving energy efficiency. However, identifying energy usage in the first place requires data collection from every device in the smart building – a mammoth challenge,” said James Johnson, Managing Director at IoT Breakthrough. “EdificeEdge B-IoT Gateway efficiently meets the needs of every smart building, be it small and simple, or big and complex. Data aggregation and the ability to run analytics at the edge might be exactly what leads the energy transition in buildings. Congratulations to Softdel on this incredible innovation. We’re excited to bestow on them the ‘Enterprise IoT Management Innovation Award’, for the IoT platform that promises an energy-efficient sustainable world.”


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Founded in 1999, Softdel (a UNIDEL company) connects devices, enterprises, and people. Our distinctiveness lies in simplifying enterprise connectedness in smart buildings and smart factories creating unprecedented benefits for our customers and their eco-systems. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, USA, with offices in Japan and India, we deliver domain expertise and technology-driven solutions to help companies turn digital challenges into opportunities. Our two-decade-long product engineering experience of serving global leaders in the automation & controls industry has catapulted Softdel to an enviable position in the Industrial and Buildings IoT value chain.

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