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Today’s smart buildings ingest, measure, and analyse data from a plethora of devices and equipment to consistently optimise their operations. This level of ‘smartness’ in buildings is not possible only by installing smart devices.

The ability to automatically fetch data from multiple devices with different communication protocols, capability to implement predictive and preventive analytics solutions at the edge, the power to identify possible anomalies, recognise patterns, deviations, and external conditions, and many more such intelligent decisions are all essential for your building’s operational excellence and cost optimisation objectives.

Powered by Intel, the EdificeEdge IoT platform enables you to build new and differentiated Building IoT solutions by offering interoperability between devices and providing facilities to build applications at the edge. Capable of computing and performing analytics at the edge, Edifice Edge is a feature-rich middleware platform and an ideal solution for building critical, cloud-based analytics applications.

What sits between the Building Management System and the application is crucial!

EdificeEdge helps building owners, operators, and facility managers find the intelligence in the vast amount of data generated by numerous connected devices.

EdificeEdge is a powerful platform that offers scalable technology for standardising and normalising data trapped in thousands of building assets.


data from various building assets like sensors, controllers, smart equipment, and building management systems


data to generate actionable insights


data with on-premises or cloud-based applications


data on dashboards to get a
complete overview of building assets

features of

EdificeEdge’s built-in data aggregation engine can reliably collect data from more than 25,000+ data points belonging to devices and equipment that support leading industry-standard protocols like BACnet and Modbus. Additional support for other key IoT protocols like OPC-UA, LoRa, and KNX are also available for specific customisations.
The collected data points are normalised into the Project Haystack semantic data model to generate actionable insights. The platform allows easy addition of metadata and normalisation of the telemetry data using the Haystack standard.

Our microservices-based containerised architecture allows us to run complex computational algorithms at the edge. It allows application portability and simplifies application deployment and orchestrations at the edge to build plug and play software applications.

The EdificeEdge IoT platform provides cloud support for platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and Cummulocity. This provides the necessary flexibility to deploy where you want.

The platform offers secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware and application upgrades. The remote device management feature of EdificeEdge ensures secure and proper functioning of multiple IoT devices after they have been deployed in the field, and allows remote and efficient device provisioning, monitoring and diagnostics.

EdificeEdge’s advanced security and authentication procedures protect aggregated data at rest and in transit. REST APIs are secured using TLSv1.2.

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your edge in digital
transformation solutions


of customer applications in a ready B-IoT edge platform framework

development time 
and costs

using a pre-built data 
aggregation platform that is 
advanced, secure, reliable, 
scalable, and modular

with open 

on the north-bound side, 
Project Haystack makes it easy 
to integrate with cloud  applications

run complex 

or machine learning and artificial intelligence on-premises



CPUAvailable on Intel® Atom/Core/Xeon processor
DesignCompact size with fanless Design
Robust and cableless design with high stability
Connectivity Support and Data ModelsBACnet, Modbus, Project Haystack
(Optional) 4G LTE, Wi-Fi
StorageMini PCIe expansion slot for mSATA storage
Supports 2.5″ HDD or SSD storage


intuitive reporting through data aggregation and analytics at the edge

The EdificeEdge IoT gateway enabled a leading reporting solution company access data from different building automation systems, devices, sensors, and applications. The insightful report generation helped their customers with predictive and preventive maintenance. Our gateway further runs data analytics at the edge, adding remote monitoring and controls capability.

smart workspace management using facial recognition technology to seamlessly connect with access control systems

A leading access and security solutions provider for smart homes and smart buildings leverages the EdificeEdge IoT gateway platform solution to aggregate data from different access control systems. They push this data and events into their cloud-hosted application, thus enabling efficient workspace management.

integrate sensors and protocols to enhance the leading building automation platform

The EdificeEdge IoT gateway is the prime solution that helped a Fortune 500 OEM integrate edge sensors and wireless protocols to their legacy building controls system, thus enabling them to effectively manage their IoT sensors for large retrofit building applications.

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