application modernisation of digital twin
platform built for asset performance
management (APM)

customer background

Our customer is a global leader in the energy and materials industry, operating in over 60 countries. Headquartered in Scotland, this consulting and engineering firm employs 35,000 experts who excel in delivering high-quality solutions for sectors such as oil and gas, refining, power generation, chemicals, and energy. Trusted by clients worldwide, they excel in solving complex challenges and maximising value across the asset life cycle.

customer need

The customer sought to modernise their real-time monitoring platform for crucial upstream assets, such as wells, fans, pipelines, pressure vessels, and valves. Their goals included improving Asset Performance Management, optimising field operations, enhancing user experience, and strengthening performance surveillance. Softdel’s expertise in the oil and gas domain, UI/UX excellence, and exceptional product engineering services with a proven track record of successfully delivering large application modernisation exercises in the past made us the ideal partner to deliver a comprehensive application development and modernisation solution.

softdel’s solution

  • Asset performance monitoring and control, encompassing operating pressure and temperature boundaries, leak detection, flow restriction/blockage identification, slugging and liquid hold-up, and more.
  • Production process flow management and analytics, enabling accurate forecasting and optimisation of startup, ramp-up, and shutdown operations.
  • An engineering simulator for developing operating procedures, studying control philosophy, planning future expansions, and conducting training.
  • A scenario development simulator mode facilitating cause-and-effect exploration, enabling operational changes to be simulated and evaluated effectively.

standards and technology

Framework: WPF

Cloud Platform: Microsoft Azure

Programming Language: C#, VB.Net


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