automated test platform
for IoT lighting systems to
ensure seamless functioning

customer background

Headquartered in the US, our customer is an unrivaled industry leader in lighting technology, offering a wide range of pioneering LED lighting and related solutions

customer need

The customer had developed a proprietary wireless mesh networking protocol for their Internet of Things (IoT)-led outdoor lighting systems serving parking garages, airports, restaurants, roadways, etc. However the functional testing of each wireless network for these diverse set of IoT devices became rather complex and adversely impacted the customer’s scalability and cost-effectiveness. The customer chose to partner with Softdel to build a test strategy that automated testing of their wireless outdoor lighting product line while sustaining the quality of their high-performance solutions.

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

Technology: Wireless mesh networking 
Programming language: Python 
Test Framework: Pytest 
Defect tracking tools: JIRA 
Test Case Management: TestRail


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