expanding the eco-system
for PoE-based smart lighting
solution with BACnet

customer background

Our customer is a US-based leading connectivity products manufacturer enabling field-proven solutions for data communications, medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics industries in 40+ countries. The best-in-class technological expertise allows this organisation to facilitate a comprehensive range of products across the electric, thermal, lighting, and fibre optics sectors, thus helping them deliver engineering excellence and enhance energy efficiency for their end-users.

customer need

Equipping lighting systems with technology to interpret the sensors that monitor multiple environmental parameters, and then relaying this data to the building’s automated hub. The result? Create efficiencies that can sustain energy savings north of 50%. In addition to saving money, smart lighting systems must now provide for dynamic work environments that enhance well-being, sharpen concentration, and promote learning by ensuring access to controlled, comfortable natural light.

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

Communication Protocols: CoAP, Ethernet, BACnet, PoE, HTTP, SMTP, MQTT
Operating System: Linux
Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Node.js, Angular 
Cloud: AWS, Azure 
Simulating Tool: Raspberry Pi based simulator



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