smart lighting solutions for
energy-efficient and healthier

customer background

Our customer is a leading American manufacturer of connectivity solutions offering a comprehensive range of products across the electric, thermal, lighting, and fibre optics sectors. Leveraging its powerful in-class technology expertise, the organisation has been delivering engineering excellence and enhanced energy efficiency to its end-users spread across 40+ countries.

customer need

The customer wanted to expand their business to the enterprise segment by launching a unique smart modular lighting solution for interconnected commercial spaces (modern workplaces, data centers, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities). They also needed a solution to lower the energy consumption of their existing IT infrastructure thereby reducing operational costs. The customer engaged with Softdel to develop a comprehensive smart lighting solution with faster connectivity, interoperability, and high energy efficiency. 

softdel’s solution

standards and technology

ASHRAE Standard 135-2016: BACnet (PR-19/PR-14)
Device: PoE, MQTT, CoAP 
Cloud: Azure IoT Edge, Azure Cosmos DB 
DevOps: Kubernetes 
Application: Xamarin 
Frontend: Angular JS, HTML5
Platform: Cisco EnergyWise
Framework: .Net MVC 
Interface: REST API 
Script: jQuery


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